Cult Of Extinction – Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light

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Band: Cult Of Extinction
Album: Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light
Release Date: 19 July 2019
Country: Germany
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

“Extinction is the rule, survival is the exception”

The grandiose, wishful celebration of life with the acceptance of faith is nothing but a mask that’s too light to stand in the actuality of reality. We don’t choose our faith, we can just accept it and try to love it. But can we truly love something that is staring us in the eye while pulling the trigger of Oblivion? No matter how we try to see life through rose-tinted glasses, the ultimate truth is that everything is hollow, everything is unavailing, everything is just an exercise in futility. The end is the only candor, the Extinction is the only law. We are all going to fade away through an inevitable journey of decay, rot, putrefaction and dwindling. We are engulfed in an endless vortex of nothingness, insignificance, and desolation. We are forever searching for some “meaning” while carrying the seeds of meaningless existence. The more despondent side is even the preordain doom won’t answer our ever-searching query. If there is nothing beyond the eternal darkness, we will not even be able to know that there was nothing beyond the eternal darkness. On the other hand, if there is something beyond the eternal darkness, we will be again forever to be confined in an endless cycle of shallowness and nullity. So maybe it’s better we just defunct with our depressingly beautiful ignorance. Nothing is above Extinction, even nature itself. Our beloved planet Earth has gone through five massive extinctions since the dawn of time. So who the fuck are we to deny this unavoidable reality? And guess what, we are not able like nature to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes of our demise. So all we can do is accept this mystifying journey towards hollowness and darkness. We should not be afraid of the dark, we should embrace it, revel in it. A celebration of the unilluminated, null entity… “A ritual in the absolute absence of light”.

“Void” is a multi-talented prognosticator from the ever-thriving underground metal scene of Germany and CULT OF EXTINCTION is his Temple of abomination through which he is here to suffocate us through apocalyptic darkness, barbaric wrath and an all-out assault against everything that resembles light. Besides CULT OF EXTINCTION, he has also a death metal project(Abominations) and a funeral doom/black metal project(Imperceptum). But CULT OF EXTINCTION is a bestial black/death metal act which will evoke the hallucinating nightmares of shriveling, scorching armageddon. It ascended from the darkest pits of nihilism and misanthropy in 2017 and released the debut EP “Black nuclear magick attack” in 2018. Though the band is heavily influenced by the occultic war metal acts like Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Proclamation, etc, what distinguishes CULT OF EXTINCTION from the traditional war metal acts is the hypnotizingly, eerie atmosphere that accompanies all the chaos, resentment and destruction. Now CULT OF EXTINCTION is back with the first full-length “Ritual in the absolute absence of light” which was released via Iron Bonehead Productions on 24th July.

“Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light” is a horrifying, bewildering journey of 32 minutes through the soundscape filled with hate and flaming visions. It’s grimy, it’s dirty, it’s filthy, it’s deceitful. It will torture your brain cells with total and utter sonic annihilation.It’s so chaotic that it’s tough to distinguish the sound of different instruments. It’s more like a Blackened, darkened wall of sound which will make you wander through your absolute frightening nightmares. The more you try to escape these torturing dreams of atrocity and abomination, the more they will absorb you. You will feel like you are traveling through a funeral forest of all the petrifying truths that you are so afraid of. You want to escape the forest badly, but you know you have to accept these. So you are trapped in this wall of abhorrence and odium. The way the album starts with that filthy, agonizing intro will make you feel like you are standing in the site of Campanian Ignimbrite eruption and your mind will be asphyxiated by all the spoilation, devastation and ruination in the coming moments. From “Anti-monad Black Hole Bomb” to “Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light”, each of the 7 tracks is filled with disgust, fear, hostility, and contempt. The traditional down-tuned guitar riffs of war metal will fuck up your mind with raw & filthy darkness and hatred. It’s so groovy and gloomy, it’s as if the Armageddon is nigh. The drums played with sick brutality, ferocity and fastness will get almost lost in all the chaos and destruction. You will feel like every stroke in the snare is tormenting your soul, smashing your skull. Those harrowing, mortifying, traumatic vocals of Void will speak of woe, grief, and despair. Last but not least, the soul-stirring stretched-out lead guitar parts will add an anti-terrestrial, ethereal dimension to the overall soundscape. These lead parts will create an Aura of revering the triumphant empire of nebulosity and repugnance. You no longer fear the hollowness and the dark… Instead, you are a part of the void, you are whirling in the void.

So this is a great delineation of the cacophonous, chaotic atmosphere of bestial metal. It’s almost reducing music down to its’ primal elements. It’s music from the abyss of ancient bewilderment. It’s like putting a fire in a primal forest and creating some trance-inducing, ceremonial noise in the celebration of forthcoming demise, forthcoming sacrifice. It’s rejoicing in the name of the inevitable extinction instead of fearing it. It’s the cult of extinction performing an occultic ritual in the absolute absence of light. 8/10 Apollo


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8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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