Primogenorum – Ye Last Ordeal

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Band: Primogenorum
Album: Ye Last Ordeal
Release Date: 22 July 2019
Country: Ukraine
Label: Lunar Apparitions (Division of Nebular Carcoma Records)
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

From the cold lands of Ukraine, I got the promo from PRIMOGENORUM. Well… I got directly from the label and the label is from Spain. 

PRIMOGENORUM is active since 2008 and everything started with Lucifug. The first release was in 2009 with the demo “Отданный берегам бесчеловечности” and if google translate it correctly it means “Devoted to the shores of inhumanity” after that more two demos (on the third demo Knephas enters the band for the drums), a compilation, one album (here the band already have more member, Haruspex as Bass Player), two splits, another album and finally this EP.

Sadly for all of us and according to the promo sheet, this EP is the last release from the band cause they finished the circle…

Well, in my opinion, we will lose one very good band playing Black Metal in the “purest” way. The songs have that “essence/soul” that I love in the Black Metal. Not being cliché or around fashion that I’m seeing in nowadays. Plenty of bands appearing and playing raw Black Metal in the name of the old spirit and Trve Kvlt. Nah. PRIMOGENORUM doesn’t sound that to me.

They sound natural, expressive, felt… For that my congratulations. 

Let us talk now a few about the songs.
Sadly and because it’s an EP, only 4 songs. 

“Trail of Black Fire”, it started with a very good riff, fast drums, killer voice. But even if I like the raw sound I had to mix a bit my stereo equalization. 

“Ominous Nights”, started in “slow-motion” and step by step it starts to grow till is not possible to grow more and the “chaos” is there. Fast and raw. Too many, I know that will be in comprehensive the sound quality of the band.

“On the Ground of the Dying Man” started fast with a “traditional” Black Metal riff, those riffs that you start to bang your head cause is sick and contagious. But this fast part ends on the 2min and to be honest, it looks that the song was over… Nop, is not… So they start to play some riffs that to the majority will look like random riffs and maybe some experimental music. It’s not. Try to feel it… And almost 2min the fast tempo started again, they are back to the beginning… For me the best song on this EP.

“Sacrilegious Atrocity”…Tchhh…. The raw sound on this song is bigger, the guitar sound is much rawer here. No problem for me. In this song and together with the guitar sound I’m listening some crying and some screams that looks that someone is being tortured and when I thought that the music will continue… The end. Really? I didn’t expect for this one end like this. But it makes sense ending like this.
Why? Well, the last song of the end and the last release of the band…

Final words…
I liked what I heard, its an EP that I will listen more times. But, I only advise this to the Raw Black Metal lovers. 7/10 The Key Keeper

Lunar Apparitions


Nebular Carcoma Records


7/10 Victory is Possible!
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