BAZ Friday XXVII – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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And here we are again. Another Friday. Another #BAZFriday.
For this issue, the number XXVII I decided to bring to all you the following bands.

I hope you enjoy it.

Band: Shades of Deep Water
Title: Death’s Threshold
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen
Release date: 25 July 2019
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Finland in my opinion was, is, and always will be a country that gave us many many good bands in many music styles. This time the band Shades Of Deep Water. The band, or better saying the one-man-band (J.H.). This band is only for Funeral Doom Metal fans. Sorry to say this way, but this music style is not for all. It’s only for the ones that really love it. Why? The cadence behind the music, the tempo, the atmosphere, the feeling. If you are, you should listen to this. If you are not… Well… It’s up to you, but if don’t want to lose a very good release…


Band: Suicide Forest
Title: Suicide Forest
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release date: 06 July 2019
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Avantgarde Music is a label that I’m following almost since the beginning. Sadly, I do not have all them releases. So when I got this release I put it immediately on my “listen to list” (quite big at this moment to be honest). So I decided to listen to this album this one-man American band. Completely unknown to me to be honest. It’s a band that is moving inside the Depressive Black Metal with some atmosphere touches. It was a very pleasant listen and it will be an album that I will listen more times. Check them.


Band: Neraterrae
Title: The Substance of Perception
Label: Cyclic Law
Release date: 26 April 2019
Country: Italy
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

I got this promo directly from Alessio Antoni, the mastermind behind this band. This band is moving inside two music styles (Dark Ambient and Drone) that I’m following in the last years. I wasn’t a big fan of this, but as I said in the last years (maybe around 2015) I started to discover many but many good bands. Neraterrae is now one of those bands. But while I was listening to the album, I started to “see” that the band is not so Dark Ambient, but much more related to Death Industrial, at least in my opinion. A sub-genre inside the Dark Ambient. It was good listening, but…I only advise this to the ones who love it or to the ones that have the patience/will of listening to some music outside the “comfort zone”.


Band: Vagrant
Title: The Rise of Norn
Label: Black Lion Records
Release date: 25 July 2019
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

I have to be honest. Melodic Death Metal. Especially if it has keys, but… Luckily sometimes I listen to some bands that can surprise me. Vagrant, with this release, and by the way is the first one and an album, did it. They did surprise me with plenty of quality. Good riffs, good changes of tempos, melodies and some epic style on the songs. The sound well balanced without any instruments being too loud. I advise this album to you. or better saying… You should listen to this.



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Till next #BAZFriday
Stay metal.

The Key Keeper

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