Vomit Angel – Imprint of Extinction

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Band: Vomit Angel
Title: Imprint of Extinction
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release Date: 19 July 2019
Country: Denmark
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

This time I decided to pick up a promo by name of the band. VOMIT ANGEL was the chosen one. EhEh.

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from this band since it was completely new to me. I had an idea of the sound but not sure. I was into the Black Death Metal… I was wrong…

The band is moving inside the Death Metal but plenty of Grind/Crust influences. So, no big songs here. EhEh. Do I have a problem with that? no way. So after several and several times playing on my phones and home stereo my review is here.

While I was listening to the album at home, I was doing some research and also check the promo sheet I found that in VOMIT ANGEL there are members of a band that I really love… Sodomator. EhEh… Beware that Vomit Angel is not like Sodomator… Well… Not 100%…

20 songs (one bonus track and one hidden track!?!?!?!) with almost 30min made this album a very interesting listening. Nothing new to be honest. Just “simple” and chaotic Death Grind Metal. The snare drums with the typical old school Grind sound, the distortion used by the guitar player is raw as f%&k. The voice sometimes is on the “Piggy voice style”, but in the majority is on the Death Metal style.

I could talk song by song even if there are 20 songs in this album, but no need, this is an album that people should listen to in order to like what the band is doing. I could advise and I do advise song like the “Hobo in the Woods”, “Satanic Eelhead”, “Hollow Earth”, “The Sabbath of the Goat” and many more, believe me, but I cant choose at 100% one in order for you to understand what the band is doing/playing cause all the songs are connected as one, and that one does the album… 7/10 The Key Keeper

So, listen to the whole album. Much better.


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7/10 Victory is Possible!
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