Desecresy – Towards Nebulea

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Band: Desecresy
Title: Towards Nebulea
Label: Xtreem Music
Release Date: 23 July 2019
Country: Finland
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

Prepare to be crushed. Rising out of the ashes of Slugathor, DESECRESY released their first album in 2010 and have been constantly releasing amazing death metal albums every few years since. With the last few coming from the mind of a single Finnish metalhead, Tommi Grönqvist’s DESECRESY are coming at you with their sixth offering of annihilation through Xtreem Music. “Towards Nebulea” continues on where they left off with a heavy and slow death crawl and charmingly low fidelity production providing a brutal cavernous crunch to things. Combined with grim as hell guttural vocals and bursts of breakout riffing, they are a sure bet for fans of Bolt Thrower, Asphynx, Wombbath, and Vanhelgd. DESECRECY deliver a glimpse into the abyss worth looking into.

“Towards Nebulea” opens with “The Gate” which sets the tone with sinister old school tones and a slow crushing melody as we drift farther into the void. “Trophies of Death” and “Only Mist Difts” continues the madness, both offering trippy psychedelic undulating guitar leads before melding back into a thick and heavy crawls we know so well. “Fringes of Existence” is one of the strongest songs on this album. It starts off with some monstrous soaring riffs before continuing on with some extremely strong viceral shredding to end the track. This juxtaposition of compelling hooks with the unyielding percussion and vocals removes the issue of feeling mundane in the chaos ensuing.

“Endless Swamp” trudges through the reeds with more dense chuggy atmospheres and gurgly vocals, transitioning directly into “Sediments of Blood” which picks up the pace with a steady splash and an insidiously wicked main drive. “The Dead Language”, “The Damned Expedition”, and “Transfiguration March” are all wicked tracks but “Unbeknownst to Mortals” seems like the peak of everything to me. DESECRESY continue the assault of thick muddy riffs and break out with a number of fantastic face melting and neck ruining progressions that showcase some of the best work on the album. Almost utilized as an outro, “Forms in Echos” delivers another chuggy descent into madness to end things off. As the devastation fades away, you now realize you’ll never escape the void alive…

“Towards Nebeulea” has amazing flow. Even though the pace is slow and meaty at times, they always manage to crank it up a notch exactly when needed. DESECRESY is full of amazing riffs, and though some are a little short lived, the multi-instrumental talent of Tommi Grönqvist is certainly showcased on this release. It’s undeniable that this album is rooted in old school tangents, but what makes it so appealing is the ability to push through these boundaries with other aspects of the modern death metal landscape. Songs like “Fringes of Existence”, “Sediments of Blood”, and “Unbeknownst to Mortals” showcase some of the best work on the album for exactly this reason and are subsequently my favorites as a result. Check out all that DESECREY has to offer and support the metal underground! 8/10 Metal Yeti



8/10  To Greatness and Glory!
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