Excuse – Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos

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Band: Excuse
Title: Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos
Country: Finland
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Release date: 02 August 19
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

The ever-evolving Metal scene in Finland brings to the table the debut full length album from Helsinki based EXCUSE. After their formation in 2009 they released 1 demo, 2 ep`s and a compilation CD. Finally (after a few delays?) the debut is here. 6 tracks of Old School Thrash Metal. Though this is clearly Thrash, the Speed Metal Influences and a suspected love for NWOBHM colors this album. Since the release of their 2013 demo which caused quite a positive stir in the underground a full length has been sought after by fans. They have been building a fanbase by playing live around Europe and have played Japan several times as well.

6 tracks of Speed infused Thrash Metal, what`s not to like? Problem with the genre of today is that there are so many bands doing this, sounding Old School and doing just about everything right. EXCUSE are not newcomers, 10 years into their career they release the debut, but also THE EXCUSE ALBUM. Expectations are high and the reputation of that furious Live act are not transformed in to a perfect album. It is a good album, it has kicker songs like “Blade of Antichrist” and “Prophets of the Occultic Cosmos” and it has Epic songs like “Sworn to the Crimson Oath” and “Watchtower of the Trans-dimension”. But still, with a few flaws, even though there is not much wrong here, piercing through the masses of bands doing this thing will be the challenge. Those who already know EXCUSE will probably love the album, those who don`t will maybe not be as intrigued. That would be a shame, this music belongs on a stage near you. Grading an album is always challenging, the grade is based on high expectations that are not fully met, time will maybe be graceful and prove me wrong. 7/10 Harald



7/10 Victory is possible
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