SWARN – Black Flame Order

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Title: Black Flame Order
Label: Redefining Darkness Records / Raw Skull Recordz
Release date: 02 August 2019
Country: Estonia
Format: High-Quality Digital Promo

Estonian gem on the horizon, ladies and gentlemen. SWARN are coming from the deepest crypts of this country bringing fiery death metal with some crust influences, doomy passages, black-ish moments, and brutal overall sound. Clear early Dismember, early Entombed and Asphyx influences can be spotted. As per crusty/punk/d-beats influences – well they are less and only the tempo reminds of them. I was more convinced in the OSDM than any other sub-genre. However, it is very, very important to point out that SWARN are doing their own thing! Overall it is a very interesting combination and not many bands dare to cross limits, but it worked very well for me. All the time I had the feeling that I was listening to swarm buzzing ferociously around me and mesmerizing hypnotizing solo parts turned into hallucinations by the pain of all the stinging and biting.

Fuk yeah – the truth is that “Black Flame Order” is a very exciting album containing ten tracks, lasting for less than half an hour. Indee, the tracks are around three minutes each and they just come, hit and go. I liked the raw Scandinavian sound and the fact that the album doesn’t drown into a grey dull atmosphere. On the contrary, every song lives its own life, has its own existence, and yet being part of the whole (swarm). I’ll repeat myself, but I enjoyed a lot all the breakdowns or parts where a lead guitar rips through with a hallucinative solo. This adds a unique atmosphere to the record. 

 “Black Flame Order” is dark, destructive, dreadful. It is straightforward and uncompromising in its destruction and hypnotizing and cold in its dreadful atmosphere. This is an omnipotent combination which clearly bringing the pleasure and the ruination.

I think I should cut the long story short and stop ranting around with only empty words. The facts are in your players/speakers/headphones. I’m absolutely convinced that SWARN’s album should be part of the 2019 collection of every fan of the extreme music. The half-hour tour runs out quickly. Quicker than expected. Then you play the record again, simply because you want more, hypnotized by the black flame and its order. “Black Flame Order” gets better with every listen. Excellent job! 7.5/10 Count Vlad


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7.5/10 Victory is Possible
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