IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in June 2019

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Well, here I am for the first time as a collaborator, it is impossible not to feel a little nervous. But when it comes to talking about what you love, you do not have to go around. So having a place to share the music that I love is a real privilege. The hordes of metal are endless, as we have seen for a few years now there are many new albums of bands that were not even in consideration of the majority, and where many times you have to dig deep to discover some hidden gems. This past June I’ve been listening to some of the ones that come next.

ULFVEN – Folklore (2019)
This new band in the scene gives us a job with surprising maturity. The Swedish guys seem to be made for the style and they really show it in these 8 solid songs, structured in a great way. When you listen to songs like Elegy for a Child and you realize what this wonderful work talks about, you know where you are getting, and you know it will not be easy to leave because it captures you and immobilizes you. I put it among my favorites of the year although the list seems to be long.

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – Down of the 5th Era (2014)
We all know what the Finnish Melodeath means, and what it has achieved over the years, but a band that has, in my opinion, a plus on the rest is MPE. Turbo included, this album literally rips your skin, it´s like being a stand in front of the turbines of a jet plane. The battery of Mikko Sipola is bestial and the guitars are a real electrical storm. Killer album.

GRAND MAGUS – Wolf God (2019)
Not their best work but very enjoyable music. Direct, solid and steadfast. During some nights before sleep, my little princess and I listened to this album and became more friends of the wolf god thanks to its catchy choruses.

AMORPHIS – Tuonela (1999)
I never had this album in physical format, but every time I listen to it I feel the pleasure of the ritual of placing a CD on the stereo and sitting down to enjoy. Or that incredible feeling of the sound of this album in my headphones, with the noise canceller on. Masterpiece.

QUEENSRYCHE – The Verdict (2019)
I have not stopped listening to this great work since I bought the album a few months ago. From the moment it was launched and I managed to listen carefully, it immediately caught my attention, although I’ve never been a true fan of the band. The truth is that they have done nothing but improve and this album is proven, with Todd La Torre fulfilling the mission. A job well done, not perfect but almost. Great new record.