The Night Eternal – The Night Eternal

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Band: The Night Eternal
Title: The Night Eternal
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: 08 July 2019
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

There’s been an amazing resurgence of widely influenced heavy metal bands coming out of the metalworks over the past few years. One band that has recently caught my attention is Germany’s, THE NIGHT ETERNAL, who put out their first EP July 8 through Dying Victims Productions. While I admit that it was the album art is what initially caught my eye, they deliver some killer jams on their debut. The band keeps the riffs simple but deliver consistently blistering guitar solos, sinking in several hooks throughout the 14 minutes of original heavy metal on the release.

Our introduction to the band begins appropriately with “Eternal Night”, which starts with an eerie but catchy build before quickening the pace with good old fashioned galloping metal riffs. Aside from the opening bit, this song has the best vocal performance on the album. I’m still not completely sold on the vocal style used by the band, but the deeper mid-toned vocals on the later half of the song reminded me of Matt Heafy from Trivium. “Mark of Kain” starts off again with some fantastic instrumentals. Featuring several hooky riffs and melodies in the chorus, deadly drum work, and some impressive soloing, THE NIGHT ETERNAL really demonstrate what they are capable of.

Just when I think I have this band figured out, the final original track “Vindicta” starts in a quick-tempoed punky riff with some Legend of Zelda solo work overtop. This song has a much stronger progressive influence than the rest of the EP, changing structure and tempo several times as it tracks. This added a lot to listen, demonstrating the band’s ability to produce diverse and multifaceted tracks. They close the EP with a wicked and faithful cover of “(Take These) Chains” from Screaming for Vengeance. With this our first taste of the band, I appreciate the shout out to their influences, emphasizing even more so that the band is a great choice for fans of a brand of metal similar Judas Priest and Accept, but also Trivium and Machine Head.

THE NIGHT ETERNAL builds a hell of a lot of momentum through their songs with catchy riffs and an interesting approach to song structure. However, other than their top notch solo work, I felt they never fully capitalized on a few opportunities to set themselves apart from the crowd. That being said, there is nothing wrong with having room to grow with the EP still an extremely impressive debut! My favourite song is the opening track, which set the hook hard for return listens with the strongest vocal performance and with some catchy ass instrumentals. It’s also worth mentioning that the solo in “Mark of Kain” blew my socks off as well. While the vocal style utilized will be an issue for some with this band, the clear tones on vocals have their moments of charm and complement the killer galloping guitars and wonderful solo work well. Check these guys out and give them a shout out if you like what you hear! 7/10 Metal Yeti


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