IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in June 2019

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Summer is a lot more than nice weather and cold beer. It also makes for a significantly sweatier mosh pit… What’s not to love? There’s been a lot of great music to check out over the past weeks with fantastic releases from metal powerhouses Memoriam, Baroness, Darkthrone, Death Angel, Hate, and Beheaded all getting a lot of attention in my playlists. There was also some tasty new material teased from Witch Vomit, Demiurgon, and Cerebral Rot, which has given me a lot to look forward to. Check out what I’ve had in rotation and enjoy the tunes!

Tengger Cavalry – “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” (2015)
Metal Hell Records

I’m going to start things off on a bit of a downer with the recent passing of Tengger Calvary’s founding member and multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist, Nature Ganganbaigal. I have always had a lot of respect for this band. The first time I heard a buddy mention “mongolian metal” I knew it was the start of something wicked, and I was not disappointed. His unique take on folk metal was bold and I’m sure it helped convert a lot of metalheads along the way. Rest in peace brother. Cheers and respect to the friends and family of the band.

Grave Infestation – “Infesticide” (2018)

At the beginning of the month I got wind of a wicked underground Tomb Mold show in Toronto. No questions asked I was there, and to my good fortune they were not alone. Opening the gig was another equally ass kick ass Canadian gem, Grave Infestation. Channeling a very similar tangent as Tomb Mold, I was completely annihilated by their brutal jams. If you like old school death metal, you will not be disappointed.

Flub – “Flub” (2019)
The Artisan Era

Flub is a band that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since I reviewed their new release a few weeks back. With a stacked cast of characters behind the wheel of the band (Rivers of , their experimental style of death metal is a wickedly sinister blend of technical raw power and catchy melodies which hook and mesmerize you before tearing out your throat. The good shit.

Temple of Demigod – “Onslaught of the Ancient Gods” (2019)

One of my favourite releases in June came from Mark Erskine’s one man band, Temple of Demigod out of Armenia, with an intense blend of symphonic and technical death and black metal. Onslaught of the Ancient Gods is a lovecraftian dream(nightmare?) of kick ass proportions. Loaded full of thick atmospheres and razor quick riffs, they remind me of bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse, Shade Empire, and Sulphur Aeon. Turn this up loud to enjoy at full potential!

Megadeth – “Dystopia” (2016)

Humans are creatures of habit. We are tribal in nature and with Dave Mustane’s news this month I felt a strong urge to support the metal tribe and blast a healthy dose of Megadeth tunes. The overwhelming support from even Metallica fans for Dave and his battle highlights one of the best qualities about metalheads.The comradery between horn throwers transcends all borders and paradigms.There’s so much to choose from but looking to the future, Dystopia is one of the best modern thrash albums in recent history. Keep blasting those Megadeth tunes, and keep sending those well wishes to the Mustane’s! /../;,,;/../