IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in February 2019

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD – Advance and Vanquish (2005)

Because: Flash of Iron, Leather, Spikes and Swords! Mid 00’s Canadian Heavy Metal worshippers!



DWARVES – Sugar Fix (1993)

Because: Dwarves fkn rule! Often derided by long time Dwarves fans, but for me this a more musical Dwarves affair – long tracks, catchier punk loaded melodies and Blag’s more or less cryptic lyrics.


PARADOX – Product of Imagination (1987)

Because: It’s their debut that rivals, but often gets overshadowed by their ’89 Heresy album. Fuck, this is 32 years old – slices and dices and facets of the formative speed/thrash metal blueprint. Production values of the time, but hey, do yourself a massive favour…

STUCK MOJO – Pigwalk (1996)

Because: As far as Rap & Metal goes, Mojo did it super well. Them and fkn Downset – virtual pioneers!! PG is their second album – Devin Townsend and Daniel Bergstrand produced so it’s massive on the RIFFS! Bonz vocal delivery is also a unique thing.

THE ROLLING STONES – Exile on Main Street (1972)

Because: There’s a reason why this is considered one of the greatest Rock n Roll records of all time. The Blues, man, The Blues! Also, the DEEP CUTS – Rip This Joint, Turd on the Run, Ventilator Blues, Soul Survivor. Pure Stones.