IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in February 2019

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Already February is over, lots of new stuff to go through, mixing it the jewels of the past. My top 5 is as always, a weird one. The underground is in many ways overwhelming and it is simply not possible to take everything in, still the search is not over until the slightly overweight lady sings, and discoveries can be found years after initial release. 

TOP 5 (In no particular order):

SOLSTORM – The Gifted and the Damned (Norway)

A live recording (on cassette in 50 ex. from Snake Oil Kasettforlag and on Bandcamp) from “Det Akademiske Kvarter” in Bergen in 2010. Released December 31. 2018. A perfect example of their doom, stoner, sludge Metal at the most active period of their career so far. I was lucky to see them with Susperia that same year. They have signed a deal with Apollon Records in 2019, and a new album is scheduled for release in September. The first studio effort since Solstorm (2011).

BEHEMOTH – I loved you at your Darkest (Poland)

A band that don`t need an introduction, a beast and a machine of a band. I personally did not think they could come up with a match to The Satanist (2014), but this album just keeps growing on me. Time will tell if this yet another masterpiece in Behemoths ever evolving discography (I suspect it will be).

SEER – Volume 6 (Canada)

Their 6th offering with a fitting title… An album I gave quite a lot of praise here in Blessed Altar Zine. And it is one of those records I don`t feel finished with after reviewing it. Still getting a lot of airtime on my stereo. Those vocals, those vocals man! Love it!

ENON CHAPEL – Enon Chapel (USA)

Debut from experienced and very productive musicians, lo-fi Black Metal with lots of atmosphere. What is not to love about it? I love it very much and hope the productivity of the ones involved continues.

ZIFIR – Kindom of Nothingness (Turkey)

A band and a scene I not familiar with at all, but this album was released on the quality label Duplicate Records, a stamp of quality in my underground hunt. Released in 2017, as their 3rd full length album. Black Metal is the stamp and the hooks of this release is addictive, when adding their own background and culture in the mix you get a unique sound and approach that set them apart from other bands. A lucky find for me, one of those who flew under my radar when released but gets my full attention for February.