IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in February 2019

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February was intensive. The quantity of new releases was impressive. The quality – well, I checked most of the new releases and 15 already toped my list for the month. I barely had a chance to go back and revisit older stuff besides few OP vinyls I got, some klassik DM spun for motivational purposes and some nice-to-travel speeding tunes. I’ll try to outline here those five which had a heavy rotation with me and were not part of my reviewing/interviewing work for the Zine. Not sure if this is the actual list though. I think I’m missing several BM albums? Who knows…

OSSUARIUM – Living Tomb

Denver did it again. With underground style. Another band devastating everything on their way. Delusional album. Do not miss it. Never.


MORTUOUS – Through Wilderness

In the wave my Ossuarium affliction, MORTUOUS were another perfect crushing DM companion. 


TRAVELER – Traveler

One of the very best heavy metal releases over the past years. TRAVELER stated it even only with their demo from last year, but now everything is clear.



Fantastic new music by the Greeks. “The Heretics” is top-notch February release. I must admit it gout me solidly instantly. It is the best album of their latest efforts among, and for sure among their finest albums at all.


EVERGREY – Recreation Day

Thanks to the vinyl I bought I remembered how good this album actually is. EVERGREY has always delivered superb quality of music. “Recreation Day” is definitely among the best albums of 2003.


Count Vlad