Dodengod – Salvation

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Band: DodenGod
Title: Salvation
Label: Antitheus Productions
Release Date: 6 June 2018
Country: Belgium
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promos

Revisiting my promos library, I decided to check DodenGod and their debut album “Salvation”.  I began to dig into band’s history and found out that the guys previously worked between 2001 and 2016 under the name of Ascend-ency and released only one album during this period. DodenGod was then formed in 2016 from the ashes of Ascend-ency with the exact same members – YvS – guitars, bass and keys, and SvN – vocals, sound, programming and keys. The Belgian duo’s music can be described as a solid mix of death metal, with doom passages and taste of black metal here and there. It’s a cold “sound of the concrete wastelands”

“Salvation” is 47 minutes long, with eight merciless tracks, which ran just into the above description. Death metal. Heavy and obscure. With slow parts, just to emphasize the heaviness. Honestly, mostly I thought of Vader, Morbid Angel, Hypocrisy – here and there, and Ophis while listening to the Flemish duo. Of course DodenGod have a long way to walk till reaching that magnitude. For sure  the album will be like by the true fans of the genre and the die-hards of extreme music.

I’ve said it before, will say it again – when I know the drums are programmed, it is very hard for me to get rid of this thought. DodenGod almost convinced me, with some exceptions, where the machine is just to obvious in the uneven rhythm, double bass beats or the drum fills.

The opener “A storm in the Emptiness” is a merciless death metal track with blast beats and breathless tempo. “Angst” main part consist of punky riff transforming into black metal pattern and blast again, until calming down a bit in the end part. “Hewn in Stone” is a slowly typical tech death metal track. “Sculpture” (probably my favourite track from the record), “Carving Infinity”, “Banished” bring us back to the angry, breathtaking tempo, with lots of double bass, fills, typical death and black metal guitar patterns and blasts. Of course with solid breakdowns into smashing doom parts. The vocals are typical death metal growls with adding second layers of screams.  Naturally “Harvest” combines all the above too until we reach “Gates of Nations”. The track is the surprising final – slowly, doomy track with industrial elements and distorted sounds. However having in mind the original idea about the band and all the cravings of the duo so far – it was about time to hear something like this.

I’ll be very curious to see the development of DodenGod, their future seems promising. (A drummer maybe to join as well? :-D) For the time being, all the death metal fans may check “Salvation”. 7/10 by Count Vlad

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