Hænesy – Katruzsa

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Band: Hænesy
Title: Katruzsa
Label: Black Mourning Productions
Release date: 20 June 2018
Country: Hungary
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

… Well, they are from Hungary.
Everything started in 2017 with just one man, with “H” doing all instruments and vocals.
On June 2018 the band released the first album named “Katruzsa” (I found the info that is a place in the bottom of the mountain Mátra, Hungary). This time the band is not anymore a “One Man Band” but a 3 piece. “H” continues to do all instruments and A. doing vocals and Gabor Angeli also in vocals (This person also made the artwork of the album, check his work here).

So after this little introduction let’s start the real review and talk about the music.
Hænesy they are moving inside the Black Metal world, especially inside the Atmospheric Black Metal world.

They are doing in a very interesting way and very well achieved.

The first song of the album named “Katruzsa I” is one of the proof… It starts with some ambient introduction together with the guitar and when all the instruments are together you feel a powerful sound they are creating. Good and simple riffs that all together with the vocals, sometimes the aggressive and fast drums give you an example of what you will hear in this album…
I can say that the 12:38 minutes song is not boring. You need to listen…

And it’s true… The second song starts in a very aggressive way, with good riffs, everything very well structured, with a good feeling and the atmospheric part that the song has, it fits very well. The main riff that appears on the 3:55 is quite simple but gives an atmosphere, an environment to the song, which made me “stop” and enjoy the same.

I could talk about all the songs, or I should… But I will not, because song after song, the introductions in the songs, the riffs, the atmosphere, the drums, the simplicity of the riffs (Not in a degenerate way), sometimes some “chant” voices, all together it makes Katruzsa a very good album.

I’m listening to this album again and again, and every time I listen, I found more details, more interesting parts, more notes that I didn’t find/listen in the previous listening. For me that is very good, for me, that is the real pleasure of listening to music. I can also say that I do not like so much the typical voice in this Atmospheric Black Metal gender and in this band I LOVE.

I do not have much more words to express what I felt/feeling while listening to this album, what I think about it, what this piece of quality transmits to myself. And because of it, I only can say… “Listen to this band and support them”. 9/10 The Key Keeper



Note: Many thanks to the band for having sent the promo and believe in our work.

9/10 Epic Storm
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