Bring Out Your Dead – Bring Out Your Dead

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Band: Bring Out Your Dead
Title: Bring Out Your Dead
Label: Independent/self-released
Release date: July 11, 2018
Country: USA
Format reviewed: CD

Let me begin by saying that I was introduced to BRING OUT YOUR DEAD by my friend KB. Initially, from his recommendation, and as a wonderful surprise, by his inspired decision, a week or so later, to mail to me a physical copy of the EP, on CD. As the band related to him, KB was the first person outside their circle of friends and relatives, to show interest in the physical release, after hearing the album on Bandcamp.

Hailing from Marlborough, in the central Massachusetts, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD evolved into the band it is today, in a period of time spanning about ten years, resulting in the current formation of: Daniel Dilling (lead guitar), Michael Fontaine (rhythm guitar), Ben Lubeck (bass), Brian Looby (vocals), and Justin Stowell (drums). This lineup independently released on July 11, 2018, their five (5) tracks self-titled debut EP.

I have to admit that I was in awe from the very first play of the EP, being clearly impressed by the outstanding compositions, song structures and musical arrangements, on sonic display throughout the 25 minutes of material. Furthermore, I have to praise the impressive recording, mixing and mastering process. Both aspects are clearly reminiscent of material released by scene’s well seasoned veterans. Their high technicality was absolutely matched by the flawless production and sound. Randy Belculfine produced and engineered the release. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD plays thrash metal. Deeply melodic death metal tainted hyper technical thrash metal! Mostly played at breakneck speed, with great virtuosity and musicianship. I’m not a fan of silly tags, but this EP requires them all. Starting with an impressive dual guitar riffology playbook, the beautifully eloquent bass lines, commending vocal deliveries, frantic tempo changes and devastating fills, this release is an unapologetic assault on the listener’s senses! If I am to draw a parallel based on the overall, constant intensity of the material, the 1990 “Beyond The Unknown” by Incubus (now Opprobrium), seems to fit the bill rather aptly. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD bridges nicely the classic with the modern: clever use of accenting clean vocals (i.e. clean vocal bridge in “Jukai”), masterfully done acoustic intros and passages (i.e. intro into “Our Is The Fury”, flawlessly decaying into the fast and destructive body of the song), are few amongst many praise worthy elements.

With one of the best thrash metal releases since “Out For Blood” that Sadus released in 2006, BRING YOUR OWN DEAD will hopefully become a fixture of the thrash metal genre. Looking forward for a full-length release. Highly recommended! 9/10 Emil/UHF


9/10 Epic Storm
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