The Eternal – Waiting for the Endless Dawn

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Band: The Eternal
Title: Waiting for the Endless Dawn
Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: 17 August 2018
Country: Australia
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

There are albums which just found you. Come to you like an unexpected summer rain, shakes deeply your soul and then never go away. It only leaves a storm of emotions; emotions with so many colours. Memories and dreams. This happened to me when by chance The Eternal new album reached me. Unexpectedly, with absolute assurance that it would hit my romantic senses without mercy.

The Eternal were founded in 2003 in Melbourne, and have in total six gorgeous studio full-length albums, including “Waiting for the Endless Dawn”. It is a known fact that since their beginning, the band received absolute praise among all mainstream and underground media. 15 years later, been toured with the biggest acts in the genre, working with some of the most acclaimed names in the studio, The Eternal continue to do what they do best – deliver absolute gorgeous tunes and pushing the doom/gothic into new exceptional dimensions!

“Waiting for the Endless Dawn” is a 75 minutes astonishing journey deep into the most sacred places of one’s heart. Seven absolutely flawless tracks to listen to and just to feel the life is just passing by. The melodies and the harmonies are coming from the distant eternal times and continues ahead. Only by looking at the amazing cover art, I felt that I would have thrilling times with this record.

Layers of  melancholy, autumn sorrow, sweet pain, fatality and lonely fate. The mix of mesmerising solos, keyboards, romantic female vocals, violins, mandolin, lap steel just provides a grandiose landscape of emotions and experiences. Every second of the tracks is meaningful, no matter long are the songs, they stay on track, never ever fall in boredom or being prolonged artificially. The variety is amazing, whispering a forgotten memories and times never to return…The vocals of the main man Mark Kelson are clean, fatal, many time reminding me of late 90s Aaron Stainthorpe. The effect is blowing.

Another interesting aspect of the compositions are the open, “sunny” patterns in the more progressive parts with choral or higher vocals, where the autumn sun breaks through the rain of desperation and loneliness. Suddenly after all drowns in grey again of course.

“Waiting for the Endless Dawn” just made me feel again that 90s doom/gothic spirit which only bands back then could give. Thinking of My Dying Bride’s loneliness, Darkseed’s romantism, Katatonia’s desperation, Anathema’s sorrow, and To/Die/For’s gothic passion. Well I guess I can add couple of more names, but this is not of importance at all at the end of the day.

The most important is that you must walk this road and wait for the endless dawn. a gorgeous doom/gothic record. It is definitely among the finest albums you can listen to in 2018. An exquisite gothic cathedral gathered secrets, arts, lifes and emotions. 10/10 by Count Vlad

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Official Website

10/10 Immortal Classic
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