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Black metal band Lenax releases the extended single “Shrouded Sight” on all digital platforms

Lenax, the enigmatic black metal band hailing from Nashville, is set to redefine the music scene with their latest offering, the single ‘Shrouded Sight.’ Originally conceived as a solo project led by frontman Venomous, Lenax has now evolved into a formidable quartet, ready to challenge the boundaries of the genre.

Inspired by the series works of Lovecraft, ‘Shrouded Sight’ beckons listeners on a transcendental journey beyond mortal comprehension. Imbued with an atmospheric and ominous aura, this captivating track weaves evocative lyrics with intricate instrumentation, daring to explore esoteric dimensions. It unravels the illusion of mortality and exposes the fallacy of false gods, summoning ancient entities that crescendo with an iconic invocation. Brace yourself for an immersive and haunting expedition that reshapes perceptions.

As the fourth release from this Nashville-based ensemble, ‘Shrouded Sight’ showcases a formidable array of metaphoric lyrical content and a resolute, unyielding sound. Lenax delivers an auditory arsenal that hits like a solid wall of sonic force, leaving listeners spellbound and hungry for more.

In a world longing for innovation, Lenax emerges as a powerful force, driving the black metal genre into uncharted territories. Their latest single ‘Shrouded Sight’ stands as a testament to their artistic prowess and relentless dedication to their craft.

About Lenax: Lenax is a Nashville-based black metal band initially formed as a solo project by frontman Venomous. Over time, they have evolved into a formidable quartet, embracing a unique musical identity that delves into dark and atmospheric realms. Inspired by the haunting works of Lovecraft, Lenax embarks on an esoteric journey, creating haunting soundscapes that resonate with metal enthusiasts worldwide.

Venomous: Vocals, Guitars
The Silence: Bass (2023-present)
Scarz: Guitars, Backing Vocals (2023-present)


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