#Inhumed Feasted Upon Like Carrion

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Band: Inhumed
Title: Feasted Upon Like Carrion
Label: Independent
Release date:  14 July 2023
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

This is an EP by Melodic Death Metal band Inhumed, in Canada. It’s their second release, as they presented their debut full-length album five years ago. And, what can I say? First, I was surprised. The intro of “Feasted Upon like Carrion” is something cinematic, wasn’t expecting an opener like this. Yes, sinister synths and orchestrations along with some obscure piano notes until drums begin to mark the pace and then guitars and bass decide to join, and then the spooky sound is accentuated. Yeah, that’s promising.

“Fed to the Skies” has a fast pace in the beginning, like the guys are in a hurry; vocals sound brutal, like regurgitated, I like this kind of growls. There’s a great guitar exhibition half of this song, this is an overall thick and heavy track with different parts and with a solid proficiency shown by the drummer, he’s playing accurately all the time.

“A defiance of Faith” explodes and well, I listen to a familiar kind of Melodic Death Metal… reminds me of a familiar band for a while. Drums kick fast, double bass pedals are on fire; guitars play fierce tremolo riffs, and vocals (I hear two different voices) do a great performance, with a lot of aggression. Damn, the drummer doesn’t loose even for a while! 

Then it comes “Vengeance on a God King”, and the pace speed takes a step down. Not a slow track of course; guitars sounding more sharp and the bass having some predominant place is always pleasant to my ears. Vocals growling in a menacing way, I like both, they complement each other very well. Some orchestrations and choirs close with a dramatic effect.

“Exhibitions of Beauty” is the last song of this EP, it sounds very diverse to my ears, guitar players showing their skills with the solo in the middle of the track, all good, the only thing is I can’t really focus on the right tempos in this song… because they are changing. This is not bad but I find it a bit hard to stick into the correct rhythm with this one. 

I don’t know where the path will lead these guys, I just can say “so far… so good”, and I’ll be watching their steps in the future, that’s for sure. 7/10  Sílvia



7/10 Victory is possible 
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