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GONEMAGE Release New Single “The Suffering And Endurance”

GONEMAGE the video game themed solo project of Cara Neir’s Garry Brents (or Galimgim) will release his new album Handheld Demise on September 30th via WereGnome Records,(Cassette) Xenoglossy Productions (Cassette) and Fiadh Productions (Vinyl). The album features over 40 guests. Today they have unleashed the second single from the album “The Suffering And Endurance.”

Garry comments: “‘The Suffering and Endurance’ is based on a recurring nightmare a friend shared with me about facing an ultimate dilemma where you’re in a place where only you can create or express yourself and cannot leave, or everyone else you know and love is able to experience this and you’re the one trapped, unable to grow.

Musically, I wanted to give it an overall bouncy feel with the synth punk elements while also dressing it with the overall melancholic, abrasiveness of black metal.


September 30th, 2022 Fiadh Productions 12″ vinyl Limited edition
September 30th, 2022 WereGnome Records Cassette Limited edition, US version
September 30th, 2022 Xenoglossy Productions XP054 Cassette Limited edition, EU version

More information will be available soon.

Handheld Demise Tracklist:

  1. Disdainful Stroke
  2. Father Time’s Grandfather Clock
  3. Weaponless Scream, Laughter Unseen
  4. Stairwell of Gore and the Faceless Apparition
  5. The Suffering and Endurance
  6. Slowly I Watch the Shockwave
  7. The Smelting Madman
  8. Stranded in the Menace of Water
  9. The Equation to Levitation and the Chase of …
  10. Hallways Endlessly Resetting, Corpse Slide W…
  11. Dahan-dahang Nagpapababa
  12. Chase of the Daemon Glow
  13. From Walls to Woods

Galimgim (or Garry Brents) – Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Synth, Vocals.

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