#Dødskvad 🇳🇴 out 20 January 2022

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Dødskvad are back with a second recording.  Titled Krønike II 4 tracks. Death metal.

Hailing from Norway, Dødskvad is a project of E.R. (Desolation Realm, Stygian Ruin) featuring members from Obliteration and Sovereign.

Krønike II is a continuation on the journey started on Krønike I through old, medieval Norway.  In the midst of bloody battlefields; through thundering heavens; on the outer branches of the world tree; within the deep caverns beneath the roots. Across a blackened land, fate strikes dissonant chords.

Lyrical Inspiration:
Dommedagens Lyre – Doom’s Lyre (A rather obvious hommage to Timeghoul, lyrics play around with the concept of strings/threads of fate in Norse mythology)
Etterlatt til Ulver – Left for the Wolves (Lyrics play around with a scenario similar to Åsgårdsreien here)
Jakten – The Hunt (Lyrics depict a wild hunt on the outter branches of the World Tree (Læraðr/Yggdrasil))
Verdenstreets Rot – Roots of the World Tree (Lyrics depict an underground journey to the roots of  Læraðr/Yggdrasil)

Out On Cassette – 200 copies – Out January 20th, 2021

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