IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in January 2021

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And we are already at the end of January… True… So fckg true. Time is running or we don’t think about it… Hmmmm… I don’t know… But whatever. Let us talk about music… The following ones are the 5 releases that I heard more. Yes, all of them are old releases.

Darkthrone – A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Do I need to write anything about this album. It’s really necessary? Well… I don’t think so.

Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick

This was the first album or Morbid Angel that I heard. Maybe cause of that, this album is so special for me.

Saxon – Wheels of Steel

This album is so good. The riffs, the songs, So damn good.

Motörhead – Another Perfect Day

One of the best albums released untill today. I love this album.

Testament – The New Order

Many persons don’t like this album or they say that is an ok album. For me, this album is very good.

The Key Keeper 666