IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in January 2021

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Haljōrūna – Haustblot

There is no doubt that January 2021 has seen a flood of amazing releases from some incredible metal acts. However, at home in my cosy grotto there was little contest as to the number one album that was in rotation for the month. That album was “Haustblot”. “Haustblot” is the dark and hauntingly beautiful second album from Norwegian/ Swedish black metal act Haljōrūna.This album is a patchwork of atmosphere, brutality and emotional depth, all stitched together with Nordic folk sentiments that are so potent it will make you drop everything and hail Odin!

Erech – Erech

Erech is a Tolkien-themed, dark dungeon, raw black metal act from the United States and a collaborative project between Grimdor and Gorbag.There are so many catchy riffs on offer here and an exquisite organic coarseness to the sound that is just so pure and ferocious. I simply couldn’t resist hitting play over and over in the past few weeks.

Old Growth – Mossweaver

Mossweaver” is the debut album for German atmospheric black project Old Growth. This is an absolutely beautifully crafted album with crisp, breathtaking melodies, skilled musicianship, a harsh, sinister, brutishness all with a strong connection to the natural world.      

Fluisteraars – Bloem

Bloem” is the third offering from Dutch black metallers Fluisteraars. Released fairly early on in 2020, back before the globe was thrust into full ‘pandemic chaos’. This album is somewhat comforting for me, the sound has a rich, contemporary feel, the melodies are beautifully cohesive and even within the raucousness there is often an optimistic tone. I don’t know if this is just me, perhaps you should have a listen for yourself.

Cirith Ungol – King Of The Dead

I’ll admit that having a Cirith Ungol album on my ‘in rotation’ list is a bit of a surprise. I can’t remember exactly how it crossed my path this month but it was most likely thanks to someone I follow on Twitter (much appreciated whoever you are). I can almost guarantee however, that I was wholly sucked in by the epic cover art. Anyway, Cirith Ungol are one of those classic bands that I’ve always heard about and never put the time into exploring… until now. “King of The Dead” was released in 1984, was the second release for the band and, I believe, is considered a classic today. I’m so glad that I held off for as long as I did because the album has a mature, traditional, heavy, doomy sound that I probably wouldn’t have appreciated in my younger days.So, if like me you haven’t checked out Cirith Ungol perhaps today is the day.

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