IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in January 2021

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I’ve listened and fell hard for my black metal. So many killer albums already and more to be released in the near future. If I have to say it, it’s black metal that most speaks to me, that I really sink myself into, at same time, the exposure to the different music mixes, of death, slude and doom have also gottten in my blood stream as being a writer for BAZ. You can’t help but adopt and appreciate newer sounds that also reach you in those genres. That being said, here are my most played albums so far.

Grima – Rotten Garden

Long have I loved this band, for their treatment of black metal in their own unique way. The vocals are so full of emotion for me. Something about the black metal that comes out of Russia, Finland, Poland and Germany, I can’t put my finger on it, but the feeling of their music is rich in depth. Grima hail from Russia, and I’m so glad they are making albums. Anything by them is an automatic “oh hell yes” from me.

Imperium Dekadenz – When We are Forgotten

I come back to this album alot, because if magic exists in the world, this album embodied that for me. I can’t even fully describe my feelings when I hear these tracks, intense love of the emotional impact felt in their music. We need music that can lift us, and also bury us in the depths of anger, pain, love and hurt, to feel that. We also need music to transport and bring a sense of healing too, and this album does all of that for me.

Mossweaver – Old Growth
Well, this one I reviewed, and so so happy I chose it. I immersed myself in this album, and was happy to drown. I could see weeds, wrapping around me, underwater, sinuous and curvy, undulating snake-like and I didn’t want to come up for air. Nature, and metal, what more beautiful combination is there. Darkness, rage and feelings. This album got me.

My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion
I’m late to the party for this band. Yet everything I see lyrically in their songs is about real emotions and real life, and I appreciate that honesty. i enjoy the darker edged vocals that come in, but the clean singing is a brilliant contrast to that. I’m still exploring this band.

BHLEG – Odhin (Fate)

This was a happy discovery. One night searching for music and I stumbled upon this. WOW. I so enjoyed the melancholy and darkness and the fury of this recording. It put words into emotions, that are hard to express.

Ellende – Triebe

I get the chills on the onset of the album, the good kind. Music is beautifully haunting. This album is so moving and its another that I’ve come back to time and again since its’ release in January this year.

Metal Marie