Awrizis – Gears of Fear

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Band: Awrizis
Title: Gears of Fear
Label: Slovak Metal Army
Release date: 01 December 2020
Country: Czechia
Format reviewed: High-Quality Digital Promo

The immediate draw for this hybrid band is the diversity of genres that range from melodic, death, black and heavy metal. Marik Frodys Pytlik is the founding member who began this journey of discovery in 2011. He is the lead vocal and also guitar. He is joined by Vencur on bass guitar, Hanz also guitar, and Igor on drums. Together these four have combined talents and created the third full album, “Gears of Fear”, released on December 1st, 2020. Previous work that followed was: “Shapes of Imagination” EP (2011), “Final Hybridation” album (2013), “Dreadful Reflection”, album (2018), and a sampling of singles and splits.

I can’t say it enough, Awrizis embraces and expands on the different genres represented in their musical expression, and that to me is exciting and shows their need to branch out of any boxes they have been placed in. I had a full listen, then took my time to really gather all of the tones and notes offered in this album, to the wonder of my ears.

First – “Where the True Nature of Human Dwells in Shadows”, underscored power in the drums, the energies that propels the track. Add the vocals, mix of spoken growls, and fury in the guitar riffing, a force in the song that holds up and stamps to the vocal.

Followed by “The Great Plague”, wow, the diversity already displayed here in the different style of guitar playing, the overall tone of the track is more heavy metal and technical sounding as well. Beautiful interlude of heavy metal inspired guitar riffing. “North of my Heart” is next, beginning in an atmospheric wind sound, and this time, a mix of heavy metal and black metal signature tones in guitars. Vocals are whispered blackened and really beautiful in this. Wow, tremolo picking is on the mark and highly effective in musical expression. At the end, a softer, gentler tone comes in to fade away.

The fourth track is “Broken Clocks“, the guitar eats everything at first, in furious riffs. Vocals come in and yes those are a mix of spoken growls and death metal. The death metal vocal is so powerful in this. I got chills by listening. Atmospheric, keyboard, and deep riffing to continue to the rage in the death metal vocals. “Veins vs. Wires”, follows with heavy metal and thrash guitar. This track to me is more melodic death metal, with the present melodies being developed further as the song progresses. It actually comprises so much in styles of metal. This one track.

“The Racing Heart” is track number six, to me the thrash guitar styling and accompanying driving drum beats stand out first. Not to say the vocal isn’t great, because it is. Headbanging happening as I listen to this. Slowing a little in the speed of guitar riffing, then the climb backs up to breakneck speeds. Enjoying the roar in this vocal as well. Track seven is “Quarantined (My Home, My Grave)”, that title alone shouts out to all that are experiencing the Covid – 19 life changes and related events to that, at this time.
“Just let me out”..Just let me out..” ” repeating whispered death metal vocal. That sums it up so well.

“Dehumanized” begins in keyboarding to blistering riffs, deep extended growl and those riffs are firey. Relentless.
Last, is “Signs in the Sky”, what else can I say about this band’s diverse expression at this time? Except, they feed the differences of heavy metal, rhythmic styling, to their own taste and feel. Vocals are powerful in their melodic sound.

I really recommend this album, if diverse sounds of different genres are your taste. This work represented here is comprised of thrash elements, melodic, black and death metal, and definitely heavy metal, especially guitar. All nine tracks offer something different to appreciate in each one and you will be listening carefully to collect all the nuances of sound.
I give 8/10 Metal Marie



8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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