BAZ Underground Updates XXXVI

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Oh yes! Another week has indeed rolled around whether you like it or not! But let our writers Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman tell you all about why you should like it, with a brand-new Underground Update article, filled with information to keep us occupied and looking fabulous while at it!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Dismantler

For some time there has been a special series named Metal Afternoon which live streams one band at a time absolutely free and this time Dismantler is on the schedule for this coming Sunday, December 13th. According to the group itself, they pride themselves on being a band that plays music, and sometimes even with lyrics! With that on the menu, and having to pay nothing to see it, is there really a reason to just sit around and not watch it? Really? Check out the event´s Facebook page for further time schedules, and a link to the stream!

Band: TesseracT

The absence of live concerts has in many cases directed bands in different ways, and some, such as TessaracT, have felt encouraged to create the ultimate show and are now presenting to us P O R T A L S – A Cinematic Live Experience scheduled for this coming Saturday, December 12th. The show is a celebration of the group´s love of performing and let us tell you, the teaser is giving quite the impression of NOT wanting to miss this event! To secure your ticket now and for further information, you can visit this site and make sure to also check out the bundles!

Band: Verminous

Apparently someone at Sweden’s Blood Harvest was accidentally hoarding a box of vinyl, because seven years after its original release, a box of Verminous’ short and sweet 7” blast of rapid-fire Death Metal goodness “The Curse of the Antichrist” has been unearthed. At the time of writing there are a mere 5 copies left, so don’t dilly dally, head over to the label’s bandcamp page and grab one.

Band: Wheelfall

Your faithful writer Tommy Accidental Misinformation may have led you a little astray this Sunday gone by suggesting that Wheelfall make music you can dance to. Certainly the band’s third album “The Atrocity Reports” features a good deal of Industrial Metal inspired stomping beats. However every album the band has released has been a departure from the sound of the last and so it proves again with “A Spectre Is Haunting The World”, an album certainly featuring Industrial elements, but a lot more besides and oh boy is it heavy. Check out the band’s bandcamp page, where you can read all about the concept of the album and feast on the various limited vinyls, bundles and other versions.

Band: Nexul

Meanwhile over at Germany’s Iron Bonehead Productions, there’s a ghastly slab of demonic Death Metal freshly spewed from the depths looking for some ripe souls to sink its talons into in the shape of the “Scythed Wings of Poisonous Decay” EP by the slightly terrifying Nexul. With tracks such as “He That Takes The Soul” and “Raped By Demons / Luziferion” you should get some sense of the themes at play here. This is some seriously cacophonous Death Metal, make no mistake, and you can be the proud owner of this monstrous concoction on vinyl or CD. Just head over to the label’s bandcamp page.

Band: Voreus

California’s Sentient Ruin Laboratories really have carved a distinctive niche for themselves with oppressively heavy Extreme Metal. The latest release from the label is the crushing Black/Death Metal of Germany’s Voreus and their debut mini-album “The Proclamation”. If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to experience the auditory equivalent of being set on fire and trampled, well step right this way! On the label’s bandcamp page there’s two vinyl editions to choose from as well as cassette. Below is a sample to immolate to:

With only a couple of weeks left until winter solstice and getting to see a bit more of the sun each week afterwards, it is more important now than ever to keep our spirits, heads and horns held high. But remember to also breathe through your diaphragm during these possibly stressful times and keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with sitting in the safety of your living room with a chilled drink, wearing brand new merchandise and indulging in a live stream every now and then.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**