Learning music with you…

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Hello there,

For today I decided to write a few words about one person. The person who taught me the most to appreciate music. To be honest, the person who taught me the most to feel the music and discover it.

The story started when I was a kid, and like all kids and like in all decades, era, there is music for kids. In my country was a lot of those musics. Of course I liked those, who didn’t? But at the same time I wanted more…

So I remember listening to music with my dad. Yes, him. He had a very diversified music taste. He could listen to some Portuguese traditional music (Fado or Folk), like romantic songs (Italian ones mainly), Rock, Pop, Classic, some Jazz or Blues, Bossanova, and so on…

For me, those times with him were amazing, mainly on weekends, cause he worked out and only returning on weekends, at least almost my years of a kid and beginning of adolescence.

He didn’t have big studies, and when he was born going to school was only for rich people (he went later as an adult to school and only did a few years to learn to write and read). So, not having big studies, he didn’t learn to speak or write other languages. What he learned in his life, was, cause he was curious and his thirst for knowledge and because he liked to talk to people and learn new things. So when he listened to some music that he liked (understanding anything, of what the words meant, but he felt the music. That was the most important, to him.), he tried to say it in the near and only record store in a near city cause he wanted to buy that record. Later, when my sis and I went to school and we were learning another language we did teach him. Those moments were very funny. LOL.

Of course, that later he was a pain in the ass. Ahahahahahah. Always asking. Ahahahaha When he started to learn/understand more and more he arrived home and asking us about music, cause he heard it on radio, started to sing (badly to be honest, ahahahah) trying to say the words and me and sis starting to look for that song for him. But my sis didn’t care too much about music, she prefer other things. So mainly it was me and him looking for it.

While I was growing (maybe on my 9 or 10 years), I remember asking him something about the diversified music he listens to. Well, those words stayed on my mind till today… The answer was one of the best that I heard until today in the world of music.

He said to me: “Son, there is a lot of music in the world. Many music styles and many others will appear in the future. Some you will like, others, not so much, others completely dislike but you must listen to, to say I don’t like, or I love it. You will find a music style that you will feel more related to, but even there, you will like, love, dislike. Even if you feel more related to some music style, don’t just stay there, listen more, music is a wonderful thing”

Well, he was telling the truth. I found my music style. Inside that music style, my preferred sub-genre. I feel related to, I feel abound, a connection, something that I can’t explain in words, to be honest. But I never stopped listening to other music styles.

Even if Metal is my music style, I can listen many things and yes I heard plenty of music styles that I dont appreciate or dislike, but I did listen to first, cause is the correct to do and what should be done, in order to say later, I like or I dislike.

Many other talks we had about music, me showing him and him showing me. When I started to play some instruments, the support he gave me, all our talks. Thank you for showing me music. Thank you for opening my eyes to many music styles. Thank you for your patience. Thank you a lot for teaching me to LOVE music.

This is dedicated to you.
Rest in Peace Dad

I remember listen to this with you. Eheh

By The Key Keeper 666

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