Nahemia – AR-CAOSAJI

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Band: Nahemia
Label: Misanthropic Assault Productions
Release date: 30 October 2020
Country: Poland (Past) / England (Now)
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

It appears as if lately I have been very lucky with my review picks, I feel as if I have encountered a large amount of great metal week after week, and I highly doubt it is all luck. The lockdown we have faced, and continue to face, appears to have given many bands good time to really get into work and make some quality music, and this week´s pick Nahemia is absolutely no exception.

Originally from Poland, this group is now based in London and will by the end of this month release their first full-length album, “AR-CAOSAJI”. With nine tracks to go, I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but it was truly a pleasant surprise.

Throughout “Teloch” a bass guitar plays notes to set the tone for the album and along with some menacing chanting, you just know this album is up to some mischief. “Vindictive Malice” continues somewhat the same feel, although with faster blast beats and a guitar-playing melodic riffs in a buzzing bee fashion. Quite melancholic with a steady beat makes this group very tight with rather fitting shrieking black metal type of vocals almost like Dani Filth, although not quite as high pitched. “9mm” doesn´t actually give you a chance to hear the lyrics but judging from the track title I’m guessing its rather violent.

A machine gun sample and an explosion starts up “A Blast of Steel” and there is an undeniable sense of rhythm in between the intro and the verse. Showing some fine musicality and a sense of song arranging with the continuous melancholic and melodic guitars the second half of this track goes all-in on the explosions, making it quite the unstoppable force, or so to say.

After some clean guitars along with cymbals washing in the background in “Misanthropic Division”, we are back to the full black metal mode in “Temple of Glorious Indulgence”. The production of the drums is quite strange, with a lot of compression making the cymbals sound odd, however with the menacing force the music has, it does work out. “Torturous Lord of Sheol” is interesting and different from the other tracks in the way that if this genre has “hitty” tracks, this one would be very high up on that list and yet my favorite track of this album has to be “Nightfall of Blackstorm”.

“World Annihilation” wraps this up and with the previous track still fresh in my mind, this one didn’t disappoint either. It’s not traditional in any way. at yet uses traditional methods. Nice old school homage.

Overall this is a very strong release. For those that are not much into blazing fast metal, this might get a bit tedious since the drums are going 200 km/h most of the time, and the vocals are everything but diverse. But it fits this work, and it must be acknowledged that here we have some quality songwriting. I see no reason why this album won’t belong quite well in the cellars of the true black metal enthusiast. 9/10 Julia Katrin

(Track from the previous album)



9/10 : Epic Storm!
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