BAZ Friday LXV – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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65 times done the #BAZFriday. Yes, it’s true. For this time I decided to do a different thing. Links will be only for streaming platforms or websites, so social media links. Rates on cover and music (from 1 to 10) (Following the original rates on BAZ. You can check it here).

New section added, related to old or some recent releases (more than 6 months release)

Well, Just have to say that I really hope you enjoy it.

Band: Proscription
Title: Conduit
Label: Dark Descent Records
Release date: 24 September 2020
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Blackened Death Metal
Time playing: 42:29
Cover/Music: 8/10 – 8/10

Band: Cyllell
Title: When the Day Goes Out
Label: Self-release
Release date: 24 August 2020
Country: Ukraine
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Black Metal
Time playing: 31:03
Cover/Music: 9/10 – 8/10

Band: Ashlands
Title: Ashlands II
Label: Self-release
Release date: 29 September 2020
Country: Italy
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
Time playing: 18:20
Cover/Music: 7/10 – 8/10

Band: The Sound That Ends Creation
Title: Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines
Label: Dark Trail Records
Release date: 02 October 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording
Style: Technical Grindcore/Mathcore
Time playing: 18:45
Cover/Music: 4/10 – 7/10

Check also this old albums.
This section is dedicated to physical copies that I have on my own collection.

Band: Inthyflesh
Title: Lechery Maledictions and Grieving Adjures to the Concerns of Flesh
Label: Nykta Records
Release date: 31 December 2007
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: CD
Style: Black Metal
Time playing: 49:14
Cover/Music: 5/10 – 8/10

Band: Kalopsia
Title: Amongst the Ruins
Label: Think Metal (Closed) / Godeater Records
Release date: 15 August 2012
Country: Poland
Format reviewed: Digipack
Style: Death Metal
Time playing: 36:33
Cover/Music: 7/10 – 7/10

Don’t forget to support the bands and labels.

Till next #BAZFriday
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**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.

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