Elimination – Of Gods And Beasts

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Band: Elimination
Title: Of Gods And Beasts
Label: Self-Released
Release date: 7th August 2020
Country: Suffolk, UK
Format: High-quality Digital Recording

Elimination are out to take heads and rival the thrash greats dominating the market, even though its 3 tracks this EP is crammed with furious fast and shredding thrash and catchy choruses and groovy sections and screaming solos! and did I mention thrash?
This EP has so much 80s thrash its bursting at the seams with bud light and high-tops

Theres not a single bad moment or song during the EP which is vital for an EP to even hold your attention, the musicianship of these guys is undeniable and felt very nostalgic but new at the same time which is not an easy feat!
Comparable to Kreator and Slayer for sure and I’d guess those band would be a big influence.

Only critique`s and it’s not much of one the production could do with a step up tbh but if they wanted that old school sound then the nailed it in that regard, also they should have done a full-length album not an EP this needs a follow up and demands one imo.

Overview: Thrashtastic voyage to the 80`s in 2020? The old school thrash fans would eat this up immediately and demand more! get working lads. 8/10 Kieran


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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