Horde Of Hel – Döden nalkas

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Band: Horde Of Hel
Album: Döden nalkas
Label: Blooddawn Productions
Release date: 30 September 2020
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High Quality Digital Recording

Where to start…
How can I describe this band? What can I say about this album?
I know… Violent and brutal.

The band started in 2000 but only in 2009 the first album was released. Featuring members/ex-members of Valkyria, In Battle, Nordjevel, Eldkraft among others I think you are expecting another Black Metal band.

Well, yes and no. The yes part, well, they are one more Black Metal band, but not just another Black Metal. They are Horde Of Hel. Why I’m saying this way? Simple. They are different. The way they see/play Black Metal is…

Is brutal, violent, agressive, ferocious, annihilating, atrocious, barbaric, cruel, devastating, hideous, horrendous, etc etc.

I heard this album a lot during the past weeks, to be honest since I got the promo, and in all the times I found more and more details, more and more dark feelings. Not even the industrialized Black Metal (yes, that) pushed me away from this album. And maybe that is the cause and the way this album is made that grabbed me? Well… Yes.

I already knew/know plenty of bands doing this kind of mix, but not like these 3 persons. The hate on the songs is just… Superb.

This album has everything of what is expected in one Black Metal album. Yes, it does. If you think that the industrialized part will disappoint you, you are wrong. it gives more and more dark feelings on it. And not even the more melodic/calm songs will lose the dark feelings.

This is the future? This is total hate? This is everything you have against everyone? Maybe… Advice… Just listen to and feel it. 9/10 The Key Keeper 666



9/10 : Epic Storm!
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