Путь (Put) – The Songs of the Death

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Band: Путь (Put)
Title: The Songs of the Death
Label: Antiq Records
Release date: 15 August 2020
Country: Russia
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Путь (pronounced “Put”) translates as “Path,” or “Pathway,” in Russian.
“The Songs of the Death” was originally released via digital by the band and in 2018 by the Russian label Depths of Void (digital and physical), and now the French label Antiq Records doing again the physical…

The band started with Dmitry Yakovlev in 2013 as a one-man-band till 2017. In the same year, the line up was complete as a full band till now.

Music, guitar: Dmitry Yakovlev
Lyrics, vocals: Andrey Kovalev
Drums: Nikita Platonov
Bass: Maxim Markelov
Guitar: Mark Shamchinsky
Accordio : Artyom Mnatsakanyan
Backing vocals: Ekaterina Shamchinskaya

To be honest, when I looked to the cover I thought that Путь was a Pagan Folk Metal band, but at the same time some doubt was inside me, so, I decided to check it and I found a very good album.

First hearing and first impression… The folk is there, not so much, just a few times and not exaggerated. Just giving some touches here and there. This album is mainly Black Metal and a good one. If the few Folk parts didn’t appear I could say that “The Songs of the Death” was a very good Black Metal. But is not only that…

That is bad? No. At least to me. Even if I’m a more traditional metal fan, I also like to explore music and know more bands doing this mix or other mixed music styles.

Divided in 10 songs with more than 1h this album is not boring at all, the passages between songs, the structure of the songs, the riffs used on it and the sound production made me pass a very good and pleasant time while listening to this album.

After the first impression while listening to this album came the second, third, fourth, and so on… Well… I already said that the Folk music is present on the album, that is specially made by the instrument accordion and sometimes a female voice here and there… But Путь is not a traditional Black Metal. I found many riffs, passages, maybe some attitude related with the Post Black Metal style. Maybe I could be wrong, but it’s the sensation that I had while listening to the album.

Путь is a band that I will start to follow and I hope that a new album arrives fast, cause I would love to listen to. 7.5/10 The Key Keeper 666



7.5/10 Victory is possible
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