BAZ Underground Updates XVIV

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So, the Underground Updates article has made it to it’s 19th week. Every week there is something new worth mentioning and we believe we cannot stress it enough how important it is to be aware and up to date on all the great offers artists bring us every single week, and yes, even an occasional live stream or a virtual show every now and then. Of course, this week is no different and Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman have, as usual, been poking around to see what´s what.

So let’s see what’s out there….

Band: Memories of Old

This coming weekend, on Sunday the 16th symphony power metal group Memories of Old plan on a live Q&A to give us all a chance to meet the band, ask some questions and of course share a beer or two. The event is scheduled at 8 PM BST but should you be located in a different time zone you can head over to the group´s Facebook page for further time information.

Band: Astriferous

Sometimes you just know in the first seconds of hearing a record that it’s going to be vile, dirty and evil sounding. So it is with “The Lower Levels of Sentience” the newly released album by Costa Rica’s Astriferous. We have here some slithering Death Metal with a hint of that great, twisting guitar sound of Demilich about them. All white vinyl copies have already been snapped up, but you can still get the regular vinyl from the UK’s Me Saco Un Ojo Records here as well as a digital copy. Check out the tasty nastiness below:

Band: Azazel

But perhaps that wasn’t evil enough sounding for you. In which case do not despair for the Black Metal of Finland’s Azazel will surely satisfy your taste for something that will really scare your neighbours. “Jesus Perversions” originally released in 2012 has been given a vinyl reissue. You can snap it up here from Werewolf Records. It’s pretty raw and make no mistake. Check it out a track from the album below:

Band: Coexistence

Transcending Obscurity Records can always be relied on to go heavy on the merch for their releases. If you’re in the mood for some Italian Technical Death Metal then Coexistence may have just the tonic for you with their forthcoming “Collateral Dimension” album. Feast on the CD’s, clothing and various limited bundles waiting for you here and wrap your ears around a preview track below:

Band: Countless Skies

Now if you’d like some Death Metal with a more melodic and soaring side to it Countless Skies are teaming up with Willowtip Records to release the follow up to the their 2016 debut album “New Dawn”. From the sounds of the preview track “Glow” promises to be as lush and rich with melody as it is heavy. Check out all the vinyl, CDs and t-shirts you can pre-order here and have a listen to the track below:

Band: Junior Bruce

Sludgelord Records are one of my absolute favourite independent record labels. Many of my favourite Metal releases over the past year or so have come via them, so whenever they have a new release announced my ears prick up. On this occasion the band is Florida USA’s Junior Bruce. There’s a definite feel of the rolling grooves of Mastadon to the preview track you can listen to below. The full album “Pray for Death” is out on October 30th. In the meantime get your pre-orders in for the very cool slime green cassette here.

Band: Frostvore

Finally let us travel to Tokyo, Japan (via Germany’s Testimony Records) for some old school Death Metal in the form of Frostvore and their forthcoming release “Drowned By Blood”. You can pre-order hand-numbered CDs, 2 different vinyl options and digital version in anticipation of the August 28th release date. Check out a sample of the nastiness below:

By the end of this ongoing week we will be about halfway through August and fall will be about to hit us. Or, at least some of us. But no matter the season there is always time for a new vinyl or a fancy shirt or simply a generous donation to whatever fundraiser you prefer. Even if the entire world outside may have shut down to a certain degree, the internet is still very active and those artists need us no less now than they did before. And of course, as we can’t stress enough; wash your hands, keep social distancing and raise your horns!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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