IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in July 2020

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Hello Metalheads, this are my five most played albums last mont. Listen and enjoy!

Ensiferium – Thalassic
Metal Blade Records – 2020

Ensiferum is a great band with a unique style and sound. For lovers of epic folk/viking metal this album will be one of their best for sure. In my humble opinion this is their best release till now

Vampire – Rex
Century Media Records – 2020

Listened a lot last month and now, this is in my top ten albums from 2020. Amazing delivery from Swedish lads.

Inexorum – Moonlit Navigation
Gilead Media – 2020

I had the pleasure to review this masterpiece here at BAZ. Inexorum have done one of the best releases this strange year. Amazing melodies, catching riffing and drumming and the voice of Mr Skildum will blow your head.

Gloryful – Cult of Sedna
Massacre Records – 2019

We all know that german power metal is one of the best in the sub-genre. Amazing bands cominf from there and this one is so good too. Gloryful deserves all the respect from the power metal fans. They are great and this album is solid and very well crafted.  Great production and very good songs on. So enjoy it like I`ve done.

Karlman – Shapes and Sounds
Self Release – 2020

Karlman is an instrumental rock band from the city of Paysandú- Uruguay created by guitarist and composer Fabián De León Silveyra in 2014. He is a good friend of me since 2003.
Many of the ideas embodied in this album were composed at different times and are part of a long journey and a great passion for classical and electric guitar dating from the late 99.
Some of the guitarists who inspired him are Tony Palacios, Bob Hartman, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Marco Sfogli, Frank Gambale, Gustavo Cerati and many others.