IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in July 2020

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Finntroll – Blodsvept
Century Media Records – 2013

As many may be aware, just next month Finntroll will finally release a new record titled Vredesvävd and it will be the first since their last release of Blodsvept in 2013. Since some of us have been waiting for seven years for a new album from the Finnish trolls, some of us are also preparing to receive the new material by putting on the old stuff and getting into the right mood and that is where Blodsvept has been coming in for me during the month of July, and most likely will continue to do so during August.

Insomnium – One for Sorrow
Century Media Records – 2011

Ah Insomnium always comes back. Some might think it would be suitable to have an Insomnium comeback during the fall or mid-winter, but personally I find any time whatsoever to be appropriate for these melodic death geniuses. With most people still playing the shit out of the amazing latest release Heart like a Grave, I tend to usually go back to One for Sorrow. Almost a decade has passed since its release in 2011 and it is still as great as it was back then. Through the Shadows remains to this day one of my all-time favorite melodic metal songs of all, and I suppose when you hold something in such high standards it doesn’t really matter which season is currently going on.

In Flames – Sounds of the Playground Fading
Century Media Records – 2011

Another album almost a decade old. Sounds of the Playground Fading was in my opinion pretty good work from In Flames however not many of my friends agreed, often stating it was the worst album up to date ever to be made by the Swedish legends. Well, each to his own, but here I am all these years later still enjoying the album regardless of all the newer releases the group has had since then.

Rotting Christ – The Heretics
Season of Mist – 2019

Released just last year I suppose this one is the newest in my rotation. I suppose in some ways I am still getting into The Heretics even though more than a year has passed since I first heard it. Each time I give it a go there is something new I think I did not note in my previous listen, and it’s just delightful. Rotting Christ never fails to deliver.

Ed Sheeran – Sings Heavy Metal (???)

Ever since I escorted my brother to see Ed Sheeran at a concert back in Iceland last year I have been made fun of at the Zine. I don’t know why I even told my fellow reviewers I was going to that concert, what was I even expecting? Well, they have continued to remind me regularly that I have failed to mention this artist in my in rotations so here it is! I have no idea which album it is because….well why should I? Nor do I know anything about when it was released, what the artist´s trades are and…yeah I guess that’s it! Enjoy!

Julia Katrin