Event Horizon August 2020

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So July has been and gone – The second half of 2020 in full swing! How did we fare? Rebel Wizard, Skeleton, Judicator, Deadlight Sanctuary, Gaerea, Spirit Possession? Hell, even the new Primal Fear for straight-up Metal heads does the job in my opinion. Whatever your muse, I hope you found something of note to tie you over until the month of August. Speaking of August, it looks like another stellar month with lots of strong material to be unleashed. Opted for a savage ‘Eight-count’ for this edition of Event Horizon. Read, scroll, click, listen, add to your list. Go! Until next month…Metal, it’s just so fucking glorious!

TERMINAL NATION – Holocene Extinction
Released: 07 August
Style: Death Metal/Metallic Hardcore
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Link: Site

America is a tinderbox. Lockdowns, pandemic, police brutality, kleptocracy, the orange menace. The injustice system is alive and well. Since day one Terminal Nation has been shining a light on it all through their crushing music, point blank lyrics, merch and media, lashing out at institutional corruption and racist power structures. And not from a liberal coastal enclave where it’s a generally welcome message but from Deep Red Arkansas.

Now with the new album “Holocene Extinction” at hand, Terminal Nation return at a pivotal moment, where lines are being drawn and the possibilities of compromise are going up in smoke. Like fuel to the fires of dissent the band’s brutally heavy amalgam of metallic hardcore, death metal and power violence eviscerates with unforgiving sincerity the recognizable and the insidious forces propping up the White Supremacy machine. (From Bio)

Released: 07 August
Style: Death Metal
Label: Dark Descent Reecords
Link: Bandcamp

For the past five years, Australia’s Faceless Burial have been flying the flag of classicist ‘90s death metal, first across a demo in 2015 and then the subsequent (and acclaimed) ​“Grotesque Miscreation”​ debut album in 2017 and follow-up ​Multiversal Abattoir MLP a year later. Those latter two recordings, in particular, portrayed the potency of this power-trio, displaying an unremittingly dark and dexterous sound which draws in a variety of death metal traditions. Going from strength to strength, Faceless Burial play their strongest hand yet with the full-length ​Speciation​. Altogether sharper and more finessed than all previous, Speciation​ spreads unimaginable DEATH METAL MIGHT with malignant ease. (From Bio)

ONSLAUGHT – Generation Antichrist
Released: 07 August
Style:  Thrash Metal
Label: AFM
Link: YouTube

Onslaught are somewhat of a UK Thrash institution. Album number seven, but also seven years since “VI”. Confused? It’s been while between riffs. New singer Dave Garnett has replaced long time vocalist Sy Keeler. Add a touch of Death Metal via his tone and Onslaught appear to come off heavier than ever. Someone has also stated that it’s going to take something massive to knock this from the AOTY perch!

BEAR MACE – Charred Fields of Slaughter
Released: 14 August
Style: Death Metal
Label: Independent
Link: Bandcamp

Since forming in 2012, Chicago death metal quintet Bear Mace has mostly operated in the shadows. Influenced by Death, Bolt Thrower, and Massacre, the band made their presence known via a demo cassette and infrequent live appearances. Finally, in 2017 the band released a debut full-length, “Butchering The Colossus”, leading to positive reviews and a recent opening slot for Tampa legends Massacre on their reunion tour. However, work on a follow-up album was delayed by turnover in the band’s ranks. Finally, the wait is over, and Bear Mace is prepared to unleash their 2nd album “Charred Field Of Slaughter” upon the world.

While Bear Mace‘s members have kept their identities hidden thus far, the recent lineup changes motivated them to step into the light. Led by vocalist Chris Scearce (formerly Lord Devourer), the band consists of guitarist Mark Sugar (Black Sites) and drummer Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Without Waves) alongside new recruits John Porada (bass, Wolvhammer, Pulchra Morte) and Tommy Bellino (guitar, Armored Assault). (From Bio)

Havukruunu  – Uinuos Syömein Sota
Released: 14 August
Style: Black Metal
Label: Naturmacht Productions
Link: Bandcamp

Finnish Havukruunu is back with the long awaited new album called “Uinuos Syömein Sota” (Languish, thou war of my heart). Another furious heavy black metal masterpiece about inner turmoil and woe and worry of life. Dedicated to the winds that doth blow in the north of every mans heart. (From Bio)

MERCYLESS – The Mother of All Plagues
Released: 21 August
Style: Death Metal
Label: Xenokorp
Link: Bandcamp

Seventh album in 33 years, the aptly-titled “The Mother of All Plagues” amidst those troubled pandemia times even though it’s been written and given its title back in 2018 already, is the proof, if any was needed, that already deep in its fourth decade, Mercyless still rages on, stronger than ever before, against the crucified one and the holy ghost, releasing their darkest and most hate-filled album ever ; most probably their best since cult 1992 debut “Abject Offerings“!

Produced at Vamacara studio (Ortagos, Loudbalst, Savage Annihilation…), “The Mother of All Plagues” is darker and rawer than any of the band’s previous releases, adding to the songs’ oppressive and hateful feel, an even darker dimension, topping it all with outstanding artwork courtesy of Nestor Avalos (Bloodbath, Dark Funeral, Blut Aus Nord…) (From Bio)

Incantation – Sect of Vile Divinities
Released: 21 August
Style: Death Metal
Label: Relapse
Link: Bandcamp

For over thirty years, Incantation has consistently remained one of the underground’s most influential and respected artists in the genre. True to form, “Sect Of Vile Divinities” sees the legendary band adhering to the ways of the old school, unleashing twisted, mangled, and utterly disgusting death metal once again.

A pitch-black mix of unrelenting death metal and imposing funeral doom, each track on “Sect Of Vile Divinities” is a dirge dedicated to different ancient evils across various cultures. At a point where the world’s most vile converge, tracks such as “Propitiation” see the band’s driving riffs and pummeling drums crush the very foundations of religious zealotry, while standouts such as “Entrails Of The Hag Queen” and “Fury’s Manifesto” champion no-frills death metal in its purest form. Three decades of death metal still the funeral procession carries on. With “Sect Of Vile Divinities”, Incantation hails a return to form for the genre, and release one of 2020’s most blasphemous and unforgiving titles. (From Bio)

JESUS WEPT – Apartheid Redux
Released: August 21
Style: Death/Groove Metal  
Label: Redefining Darkness
Link: Bandcamp

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Jesus Wept self-released their debut EP “Crushing Apartheid” in late-2017, unleashing their brand of sleaze-soaked death metal upon the industrial wasteland they call home. Described as “Carcass for the Next Generation”, Jesus Wept’s sound harkens back to the Heartwork and Swansong-eras, while also channeling the spirit and attitude of ’80s L.A. Metal. (From Bio)

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