Nox – Opus Unending

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Band: Nox
Title: Opus Unending
Label: Winter Light
Release Date: 24 July 2020
Country: Croatia
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

I’m inside one space ship in the middle of one galaxy, after being sucked into a wormhole and I don’t have radar, with security systems down, no defense system, with 11% survival systems and I just woke up full of blood and only with Anna, my brave and beautiful captain by my side…

Where are we? Why we are full of blood? What happened? Where is the rest of the crew? Wait… From where those screamings are coming?

Well… This could be the beginning of one scifi movie or the beginning of one scifi book too. A little cliché? Yes, but I love scifi and that would be an amazing way to start…

So, with that beginning is how this release starts… Yes… This album would fit perfectly in that kind of movie or book (if you love listening to this kind of music while reading a scifi book, I do).

This album and this Croatian Dark Ambient project was born in 2019 and “Opus Unending” is the second album, and this time released by the Dutch label Winter Light.

From what I know about Dark Ambient and the subgenres inside this music style, and of course, what I have been listening to during the past few years. This album is a pure masterpiece. After my description, well, my intro in this review. The songs reminds me a lot a scifi movie. All dark, moving through divisions, looking for the sounds that start to torment me. Trying to solve the problems necessary to be able to survive inside a broken spaceship in the middle of a galaxy that is not even on the maps. Trying to find out where the agonizing screams of the rest of the crew come from, following a trail of blood…

Each song here in this wonderful album, which managed to transport my mind to an excellent movie or an excellent scifi book, is like a new task that needs to be done to try to survive, to try to find out what is really going on in the spaceship, looking at all the dark corners or the night light that is systematically flashing… And hoping that there is nothing… Nothing that is not known between me and Anna…

Our journey is necessary, but our fear is huge… We dont know what to expect, what will appear in the next chamber… Well… Is almost the same with this album. Even if I dont know what to expect, I still want to listen to and the sounds that sometimes reminds me a bit of Industrial, sometimes some sounds with Horror touches mixed with the Dark Ambient style made me to go on…

This album is divided in 10 amazing tracks, 10 amazing important chapters and 55 minutes of Dark Ambient music… Damn… It’s a short movie with only that time, but with amzing quality.

Final words… Well… Only me survived to this space journey (selfish I know, but this is not a romance movie) and I was rescued by a friendly spaceship (at least they look) and now I’m safe… And now… If you are a bit curious and if you can imagine my description and if you like scifi and, of course, if you want to listen to a very good release of Dark Ambient… Well… Grab this album.

For me and because of what I heard, what I felt this is a… 9/10 The Key Keeper


9/10 : Epic Storm!
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