Baz Underground Updates XVIII

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So, another week, another UU article ready to bring our readers updates on the great offers, prices and live streams out there to support the artists. This week appears to be no different from the previous 17…wait…yes indeed, the previous 17 weeks, and so for the 18th week, let’s see what’s out there…

Band: Lucifer’s Child

If you were bored out of your mind and decided therefore to click this article to have a read, we are pleased to inform you that in just a few hours, Lucifer’s Child plans to stream their live set from Hellfest Open Air Festival 2019 through Agonia Records for absolutely free! With so many bands unable to perform live as we all know, Lucifer´s Child is no different and is this one way they are able to reach out to us. For further information you can head over to the group´s Facebook page.

Band: In the Company of Serpents

In the Company of Serpents also plans on giving us a live stream of their new album Lux this coming Thursday, the 6th of August, for CVLT Nation Live. The broadcast will be from The Armory,Denver, a professional studio equipped for such streams. The show promises some appropriate light show in accordance with each and every track of the new album as the group teams up with Mothpowder Light Show, and last but not least; the group encourages us to donate to CVLT Nation Live artists as well as a thank you for all the work and effort that has been put into creating these experiences. For more information, of course you can check out the group´s Facebook page as well as the event page, and get yourself ready for this link this coming Thursday.

Band: Belzebubs

As for something a bit different. Even if not a live stream or a special offer, Belzebubs are working on an extremely interesting project they refer to as the 360° Hexperience and we would like to put a weekly reminder on this work. What it is, is a mini-gig of 2-3 songs in 360° and what they are aiming for now is the minimum of 22,000 euros in order to finance the whole thing. They do mention the fact that there are a ton of stretch goals if they happen to raise more money so don’t be shy!

The campaign will be open until the end of August and if we all donate just a little bit we are certain that they will reach their goal, and we will get to (h)experience the show between October and December this year. On the other hand, if they don’t reach the funding goal we will all get our money back fair and square. But that is not all! Perks follow donations and we suggest you hurry over to the group´s Facebook page as well as the campaign page for further information. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

Band: Realize

Well it’s been some time since I’ve been pulverized with a big heavy slab of Godflesh style Industrial Metal. Step into the arena Realize with their second album Machine Violence. And violent it sure sounds. Hard hitting drums, gut churning bass, mmmmm finger-lickin’ good. The album is due out on the 25th of September. Check out the cool coloured vinyl and CDs you can pre-order here (t-shirts too). And give your ears a solid beating with the preview track below.

Band: Lone Wanderer

The ever-reliable Fucking Kill Records wil be releasing the second album by Germany’s Funeral Doom Metal outfit Lone Wanderer on the 11th of September. Following up 2016’s “The Majesty of Loss”, “The Faustian Winter” promises to be a huge lumbering beast and is now available to pre-order on strictly limited white/blue or black double vinyl here, where you’ll also see a special bundle offer with the band’s debut. Check out a taster of the heaviness below:

Band: Infera Bruo

Having been releasing records since their self-titled EP in 2011, Boston, USA’s Infera Bruo follow up 2018’s “Cerement” with their latest album “Rites of the Nameless” on the 16th of October and if you’re looking for some cold, hard Black Metal with a Prog Metal flavour about it, check this album out. Limited colour vinyl, CD and digital can be pre-ordered here and you can hear what the band is all about with this preview track below:

Band: Watain

And speaking of Black Metal, Sweden’s infamous, Satanic, animal blood dousers Watain have had their 2000 debut album “Rabid Death’s Curse” reissued on vinyl by Seasons of Mist. This is some fiersomly savage music to say the least. Check out the limited vinyl editions here along with various other merch. And give your ears a scrub with this track from the album below:

Even for the 18th week it is obvious that this one is no less packed with activities and offers than all the previous ones, and honestly if you ask us, it only seems like things are getting more and more interesting and fun. Make sure not to miss out on these great artists, the effort and work they are doing for us, and of course all the different ways we can support them in their time of need.

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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