Blazing Rust – Line Of Danger

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Band: Blazing Rust
Album: Line of Danger
Label: Pure Steel Records
Location: Russia
Released: 24 July 2020
Format: Digital Promo

On my cyber travels I found this amazing Heavy Metal band. Yes it’s true, an Heavy Metal band. Then, I found out that a new album was coming. So I decided to ask for the promo and… I got it. Eh! Eh!

This album “Line of Danger” is the second album from this young band and it’s been playing on repeat here. Wait, I’m listening to Heavy Metal? Yes, I’m. Yes, not my cup of tea, I admit but this album is very good and it did one thing that is essential for me. It did grab my balls, this sounds a bit strange. Well, not literally of course.

This album is a very good Heavy Metal release. Good songs, good guitar solos, a very good voice, very important for me in the Heavy Metal music style, good drum work, the bass guitar can be listened too. Catchy riffs. What you want more? For me is the enough.

The songs can be faster or slower or even a mix of both in the same song.
Long time an Heavy Metal didn’t caught my attention. Blazing Rust managed to do that. Congratulations for that. Not easy.

But Blazing Rust is not only a Heavy Metal band and you can find too, a very good Hard Rock here and there throughout all album.

Now, some advice about a few songs. The better ones in my opinion. Let’s go then…
“Let It Slide” with a killer riff at the beginning of the song, very good breaks on it, good tempo changes, and with very good guitar solos.
“Line of Danger”, maybe is the song more related to Hard Rock in the album? Maybe… A lot of melody on it, good riffs.
“Amidst the Furious Waves” is the biggest song in this album and it started very well in my opinion. “Traditional” riffs, and even if I “knew” what was coming riff after riff, this song is very good and didn’t disappoint me,
“Race with Reality” maybe is the best song in this album related to the “faster” traditional Heavy Metal.
“The Son of Lucifer”, do you know those Heavy Metal “mid-tempo” songs that your foot and head are always following the tempo of the song? Well. This is that kind of song.
“Murder”, well, a doubt now… Maybe is this the song more related to Hard Rock in the album? Hmmmm…
“Only to Burn”, this song is the best song in the whole album mixing the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, the “jumps” between the two styles is very well done, even if the Heavy Metal style is more present.
“Crawling Blind” very good start on this song, very good passages throughout the song, catchy riffs, very good song construction.

And ups… I did mention all the album songs, not just a few, like I said. Well… It’s quite simple the reason. This is a very good album that you need to check. 8/10 The Key Keeper



Note: Although the band is a quintet, in the photos received in the promo pack, only four members appear … Who is missing?

8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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