IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in June 2020

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, another In Rotation article with our most played albums in June.

For me, these ones were the albums I`ve listened to most. Enjoy my selection.

Paradise Lost – Obsidian
Nuclear Blast – 2020

Paradise Lost have reached a high-quality standard in their music, so mature, so precious, so beautiful.
Obsidian is an all-in-one album. Nothing to reproach them in this work, which in my opinion is one of the top-10 this year. Simply fabulous!

Enferens – In the Hours Beneath
Independent – 2016

This band from the United States produces a beautiful atmospheric black metal, with very melodic and melancholic passages that are a real delight. Chaotic at times, peaceful and with a lot of feeling, it also perfectly reflects the spirit of this one-member band. Nothing surprises us since we are accustomed to these solo projects being of spectacular quality. And it is, that’s why my recommendation to listen to this impressive work.

Malist – To Mantle the Rising Sun
Northern Silence Productions – 2020

Another one-man-band coming from Russia. Malist delivers stunning black metal stuff you all will enjoy.
If you don´t know about this band, this is the moment to explore this great album.  

Sacrifice – Apocalypse Inside
Metal Blade Records – 1993

Canadian thrashers, Sacrifice are active since 1983, but they haven´t large discography. Apocalypse Inside is their fourth studio album, and after this one, they only produced one more release. This is a classic thrash sound piece with the unique old school element in a great compilation of songs. Very enjoyable album for thrash lovers.

Warbringer – Weapons of Tomorrow
Napalm Records – 2020

One of the best releases this year so far. Warbringer never disappoints, whether you are a fan of the band or not, we must recognize the enormous potential and quality of these guys. My congratulations for the great work you have done with this album. The guitar solos are exquisite.