Divine Chaos – The Way To Oblivion

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Band: Divine Chaos
Title: The Way To Oblivion
Lael: Record Union
Release Date: 24 April 2020
Country: London, UK
Format Reviewed: Compact Disc

Divine Chaos is a thrash 5 piece from London, UK and have been around since 2006 and have a few solid releases under thier belt, so no surprise when they dropped “The Way To Oblivion” aptly in 2020 with all the turmoil we all need a cathartic escape and of course RIFFS!
They managed to mix Thrash speed and shredding with the groove and mood of heavy metal taking you back to the ’80s but certainly driving forward with thier own take while nodding to thier influences while flying past them.

The technical ability of these lads is unmistakable but they aren’t afraid to simplify themselves for the sake of the song, not everything needs to be in 5/9826 and drop E chord with off beat drums to be “good”, IM LOOKING AT YOU MATHCORE!
Its proof to thier writing ability and vision when constructing these songs and its effectively used through the album and has some great pay offs and memorable hooks and riffs!
The world this record paints is one of turmoil and strife and deep-rooted issues that are going to end us as a species soon due to overpopulation and all the issues that come with it, it’s hard to look to the future when the present is not fit to build on. 

The socio/political commentary is interesting in this record and considering more and more people are being more politicized due to common sense and basic empathy, it’s no surprise to start noting it more when listening to metal but not because it was never there’s it’s just we are more aware of it now and its good hear and read lyrics that resonate with our times that we can relate to and get catharsis out of.

Favourite track time! this is a tie between “Decivilize” and the final track ‘Nations Damnation’ both are similar in theme but I just resonated with these tracks more than the others which were all very good! not a bad thing to have is it?

Overview: Groovy, Thrashy, Heavy, and Melodic. Divine Chaos have thrown thier gauntlet into the arena of thier peers and have the goods to back up thier challenge, they can only go up from here! 9/10 Kieran


9/10 : Epic Storm!
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