IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in June 2020

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Oh my. June is already gone. During this month I listened to a lot of radio and also many records, old and new. To be honest I can’t remember correctly how many times I listened to the following albums… And if my memory is ok, these were the ones I heard more… So check them…

AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip
Elektra Records – 2000

For many another album from AC/DC, and the phrases like “How can you like it? It’s always the same in all albums” Well… The answer can only be one “It’s AC/DC and it’s Rock’n’Roll baby”

Pink Floyd – The Wall
Columbia – 1973

Is this the best album from Pink Floyd? Well… To be honest I don’t know and never thought about it. For me is hard to choose the best Pink Floyd album, cause they are all good, some better than others of course but all good… But this was the first one I heard (in my memory is ok) with my beloved father…

Benediction – The Dreams You Dread
Nuclear Blast – 1995

Bum… Some old school Death Metal from England. This band is amazing, at least for me. I had the change to see them alive. Amazing. I remember when this album was out and reading the lyrics trying to do the voice of Dave Ingram. LOL Teenager thing (I still do it, ahahahahahahahahah)

Bolt Thrower – Mercenary
Metal Blade Records – 1998

Bolt Thrower is Bolt Thrower and no one can do what they did. This band is unique. Well, was unique. The music they did is timeless and so damn good.

Vananidr – Damnation
Purity Through Fire – 2020

I made the review of this album (here) and I have to admit… Still found details on it, details that make even more this album a masterpiece.

Till next month

The Key Keeper