IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in February 2020

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This month I heard many, but really many things. Recent releases, some not so recent and also some oldies. So, if I think correctly the following ones were the ones that played more times on my stereo.

Grievance – Em Lucefécit

Very good this album. In my opinion, an album that gives a different way of feeling Black Metal 


Dehuman – Graveyard of Eden

A very good Death Metal release that unfortunately not many persons like it.


Unhuman Disease – Into Satan’s Kingdom

A good release. The “feeling” around this album is amazing.


Morte Incandescente – To Praise The One Of The Black Wings

Maybe not the best release from this band, but still a very good one.



Blasphemous Noise Torment – Ancient Insignias

I follow this band since the beginning and this album… It is a must.




Till next month

The Key Keeper

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