Altar of Patrons #6

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My February shout-out goes to the German prog metal band Thoughts Factory, as their new album “Elements” returns to my player again and again. It’s their second album and was released on January 24.

A review by the Man of Much Metal brought them to my attention. His enthusiasm, the beautiful cover artwork and a first listen of The Burden made me curious.

The album takes the listener on a musical journey through the elements of humankind’s coexistence and the obstacles of affection. These are represented by the emotional stages of a growing young man. […] (description on Bandcamp).

This journey starts with a few piano chords and an amazing vocal intro, that caught me immediately. Guitar, bass, and drums join, so it goes straight into the “Mind Odyssey”, followed by “The Burden” (two of my favorites here).

The songs are dynamic and various, with awesome vocal lines. A great listening pleasure.

In the middle, the album slows down for a moment (too much imho), but with “Dawn Pt.1 / 2” and “Our Kingdom”, they’re back on track, symphonic and progressive. The journey ends with the beautiful “Elements”, that rounds it up perfectly.

For me, it’s not that kind of “wow, I’m completely blown away” album, but it doesn’t let me go anymore. Definitely one of my highlights this year so far. 

By Katha


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