Diabology – Nobody Believes Me

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Band: Diabology
Title: Nobody Believes Me
Label: Independent
Release date: 01 January 2020
Country: USA
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

There is always a lot of chatter about the future of metal in the modern music era. There are cynics who will tell you that metal died years ago, but any real metalhead knows that metal cannot die… it only gets driven deeper underground. Enter DIABOLOGY, a young group of mettalheads from California who play a high energy raw as hell riffing that switches lanes from death metal tothrash with blackened and hardcore elements here and there along the way.

I love metal bands that aren’t old enough to drink at the bars they play in. They remind me of simpler days and metal bands that used to play parties and garages in highschool. So maybe they are Garage Metal? In any case, this album gets the blood pumping and has a few shining moments in the fury to say the least! So let’s dive in.

“The Voices (Nobody Believes Me)” starts things off in a fury of strings, skins, and raw vocals. It sets the tone of the album well with some nice standout guitar parts showing their talent right out of the gates. “Deicide” takes things in an old school direction as the name would have you believe. Everything is much more structured although still very straight forward without the unpredictability in the first track. “Defiling Innocents’’ really cranks up the speed and technicality with a blazing opening riff. It gets better from there with a really killer solo and honed vocals making for a really stand out track and probably my favourite on the entire album! Bleeding directly into the next song “Ember To Ash”, DIABOLOGY delivers a hell of a punch.

“Seed of the Prophet” gives an opportunity for the drums to take point, driving the track with a ballistic patterning and ruthlessness. There’s even a wicked blackened segment before another throat punching guitar solo. DIABOLOGY offers up quite the spectrum in their first offering (no wonder nobody will believe them… they can’t make up their mind!). Changing things up again is “Judgement Day”, which has a much more modern feel to it with the building undulating riff and proggy drum work before the breakdown.

“Seas of Eternity” and the title track “Diabology” bring things back to base with more thrashy deathly fun. Another thing of note, “About You” is clearly a love song and has the best lyrics of any song you’ll hear this year. They end strong with “Lost Viking” and “Lazarus Falling” with fast technical portions and some refined vocal portions amongst the yelling. The final track “Silent” keeps this going before ending by slowing it right down with a down-tempo ritual to allow the demons to finally enter our realm.

The vocals are going to be a barrier for many with some tracks losing their polish as a result of the rawness. I personally think it’s part of DIABOLOGY’s charm considering their youthful enthusiasm. This all being said, certain songs have fantastic vocals so we should probably consider their variety the spice of life.

Overall DIABOLOGY’s “Nobody Believes Me“ is a good album. It isn’t going to blow your mind, but It’s raw, heavy as hell, and it goes on a variety of tangents. I see a lot of potential here, so I am hoping the next one from these guys keeps all the vigor and expands on the sounds and depth of possibility. In the meantime, it’s time someone starts believing these dudes! Blast “Nobody Believes Me” loud as hell to change some minds. 7/10 Metal Yeti


7/10: Victory is Possible!
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