SuuM – Cryptomass

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Band: SuuM
Title: Cryptomass
Label: Seeing Red Records
Release Date: 14 February 2020
Country: Italy
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

At long last the drought has broken and an act has emerged that can adequately satiate my thirst for quality traditional doom metal. I had all but given up on finding something to fill the current void that I feel within the sub-genre, when Italian quartet SuuM reanimated me with their latest offering “Cryptomass”, dragging my corpse from it’s resting place like a group of skilled necromancers.

“Cryptomass” is the band’s second full-length release and delivers satisfyingly crushing trad-doom in the style of the greats, from Candlemass, and Reverend Bizarre, to Memento Mori. However, it would be unjust to simply label SuuM as an emulation of the bands that came before, because although there are clear influences here, SuuM offer true flair and uniqueness with their sound. This is evident in the vocal performance by Misantrophil which is of the highest quality and elevates the overall work to levels of true excellence. The deliciously morbid lyrics are delivered in a variety of creative styles from soaring, soulful, and lilting to more atypical and unexpected styles that add to the overall tormenting atmosphere of the album.

“Cryptomass” delivers nine hefty tracks, each diverse enough in their sound to keep the listener engrossed for the hour-long run time, and skilfully, without ever deviating from its trad-doom core. The three tracks that made a lasting impact on me were “Crytpomass”, “Funeral Circle” and “Reaper Looks in your Eyes”, however I will admit that choosing stand out moments was a difficult task as the entire album is thoroughly impressive.

Everything about this album hits the mark for me, from the macabre, grainy cover art, and tenebrous lyrics, to the precision and cohesion of the band. I have been waiting for some time for all that SuuM have effortlessly delivered with “Cryptomass”, and in my opinion they have now solidified their place in the trad-doom space with this exceptional album. No longer will I mourn the loss of modern trad-doom, instead, tonight there will be a party in the ossuary. 9/10 Proua Metallist




9/10 Epic Storm
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