Altar of Patrons #4

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Hello and welcome to the Altar of Patrons! Every month, our patrons get the chance to bring forth to the Altar an album of their choosing that they deem worthy of the attention of the devotees. Wish to take part in the offering? Surrender your soul and a bit of your cash here! Check our patron Katha’s pick below!

It wasn’t that easy to pick one album for the November shout-out. Had Wilderun’s great “Veil of Imagination” in mind (which is really highly recommended – as magical as its cover artwork). But there have been some incredible reviews for it already, so I chose Andy Gillion’s “Neverafter”. This is a (mainly) instrumental fairy tale including blast beats. Does this fit together, you ask? Oh yes, it does! I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of expressive vocals, so the lack of them isn’t a favorite of mine. But in this case, the guitar tells everything. The story is about the young girl Aria and her journey through a dream world. After the tragic loss of her mother, she searches for resolution, lead by a music box from her mum’s possessions. She hunts a forgotten melody to find happiness again. It’s music to dream away for a moment, with beautiful piano parts, an interesting orchestration, amazing drum performances by 66Samus (Samus Paulicelli) and Andy Gillion’s virtuoso guitar playing. My favorite track is “Skyless”. It’s a great impression of what to expect from “Neverafter”. So if you enjoy this one, you should give a listen to the rest of the album as well. Words by Katha


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