IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in November 2019

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November has been cold in Germany… The minus-degrees have arrived here. The winds of winter aren’t far away now! In November, I had a balanced mix of new releases and some old but gold classics. Here’s my most played of the last month.

BLOOD INCANTATION – Hidden History of the Human Race
Dark Descent Records, November 22nd, 2019

A very obvious pick, that’s for sure, but this album had to be included. Not only is it one of my most played of last month, but also one of, if not the best Death Metal release of the year! Heavy riffs combined with crazy, out of this world psychedelia, some odd and progressive elements. BLOOD INCANTATION bring all they got to the table on this new album! Not sure where it will land on my AOTY-list, yet I’m sure it will be pretty high up… If you haven’t listened to this already, what are you doing reading this?! Go play “Hidden History of the Human Race” right now!

PROFANATICA – Rotting Incarnation of God
Season of Mist, October 11th, 2019

After seeing PROFANATICA live recently, I picked up this new release on vinyl. The live production at the gig, which I enjoyed a lot, was actually fairly close to this album: Raw, uncompromising and dark. The drums on this album are viciously beaten to death, as are you listening to Paul Ledneys brutal drumming. Solid vocals and some pretty good riffs don’t do this album any bad either!

CELTIC FROST – Monotheist
Century Media Records, May 29th, 2006

It’s hard to find words to even describe this album… “Monotheist” is an unquestioned masterpiece and a worthy swansong for the monolithic Black Metal masters CELTIC FROST. From fast and brutal tracks, like an aural beatdown, to slower and doom-like heavy affairs like my personal favourite “A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh”, this album has it all!
RIP Martin Eric Ain (1967-2017)
P.S. for fans of tape: This album will be released for the first time ever on tape via Darkness Shall Rise Productions on December 13th!

HELLHAMMER – Apocalyptic Raids
Noise Records, March 7th, 1984

It did take some time for me to really get HELLHAMMER. It’s some challengingly noisy music at points, especially the Demos. This EP features some of the best output of the bands short lifespan. My personal favourite is “Triumph of Death”! The version of the track included on “Apocalyptic Raids” offers some of the most bone-chilling vocals ever performed by Tom G. Warrior. Some may even see this as an early hint of what would become DSBM. Immortal Classic!

I hope you again enjoyed my little list. Share your opinion on my twitter if you like! I, of course, also played lots of music for reviews, I’d appreciate if you checked them out also, else you could miss out on some true gems! I wish you all good luck in the frost-covered month to come, keep playing good music and stay strong in this overly “merry” time of the year.

Yours truly
the trve Medvson