IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in November 2019

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We’re almost at the end of the year and like most metalheads, I’ve been digging furiously to get deeper underground to find more delicious metal. I’ve had a list formulated for weeks of some of my favourites but I’ve also been broadening my radar to check out some stuff I’ve missed along the way. All the while, amazing music is still arriving weekly with bands like Blood Incantation, Duskwalker, Revel In Flesh, Iapetus, and Cattle Decapitation shaking things up in the Metalverse. There seems to be no end to the madness! The coming weeks are the last of the year, so take some time to relax and check out a few of the bands that have been heavily in rotation! Metal Yeti

Duskwalker – All They Know Is Fear
Independent – November 2019

If Pantera and Nile had a love child, it would be DUSKWALKER! They evoke a pure metal spirit that hones a modern groove into a heavier and darker place. Their tunes pick and pull accents of influence from a wide spectrum but overall stay true to a highly accessible and aggressive metal barrage. I love every song these guys put out, and their latest album “All They Know Is Fear” is no exception!

Iapetus – The Body Cosmic
Independent – November 2019

This band took me by surprise. I was instantly hooked by the sheer explosiveness of the blazing technical bits, progressive mastery in the calm portions, and the outright emotional deliverance of the material all around. IAPETUS deserve more attention than they are currently getting, so blast them loud and share them wide!

Scarab – Serpents of the Nile
ViciSolum – March 2015

I’ve been keeping tabs on SCARAB ever since I heard their EP ‘Valley of the Sandwalkers’ in 2007. They’ve been releasing records every few years with their 3rd “Martyrs of the Storm” set to drop in spring of next year. They are unrelenting death metal from egypt and they make their presence known with a deadly concoction of power and brutality. I’ve been jamming their latest single “Coffins Texts” a lot since they shared it a few days back, but I’ve been blasting their back catalogue even more in preparation for things to come. I suggest you do the same!

Temple of Night – Secret Lord of All (single)
Independent – October 2019

Temple of Night is another band local to me that has caught my attention lately. They play straight to the point black metal with symphonic elements and deep atmospheres that make a grim bleakness (perfect for your neighbourhood nihilist). Their riffs are cold and sharp, their sound is huge, and they sound even better the louder they get. They’ve only released one single so far so crank this up!

Varius – P.I.S.S (single)
Independent – November 2019

Progressive Metal is a hard genre to pin down. Varius walk the line between traditional and progressive metal, hammering the listener with waves of aggression and trippy tangents. They’ve released a demo and an EP so far and now they are teasing something big with a new single and music video. Check it out and keep you ear to the ground for more from these guys!

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