Zarraza – The Grudge

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Tomorrow is the day that ZARRAZA releases their EP, “Rotten Remains”.
Having the pleasure myself of reviewing the EP this week I was also delighted to be asked to introduce today’s stream of the EPs fourth track, “The Grudge”, available on Bandcamp.

The instrumental is hard to forget. What I thought sounded like a whale quickly got infused with some hardcore metal as the members of ZARRAZA show off their musical talent and ability to handle instruments. The Kazakhstan based group does not leave much to the imagination; they do all the work thoroughly and make sure the listener receives a remarkable listening experience.

The video to the track was filmed in the mountains around Big Almaty Lake in Kazakhstan and features not only the group members but also Anar Kassymova, a multi-instrumentalist, so it’s not only a sample of metal from the region but a sample of the landscape as well. What is not to enjoy here?

Make sure to bask in the enjoyment of the track, and remember to of course read the review and listen to the album tomorrow, Friday the 29th of November. Julia

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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